Invitation to discussion and questions about Liden Health Central's future

Region Västernorrland offer on Wednesday in you living in Holm, Indal Liden and to inform them of the proposal could mean a change for the health center Liden.

“We look forward to a dialogue where we can capture thoughts and ideas to include in our continued efforts to develop an accessible and safe patient care”, allows representatives of the region's health.

Those who hold information meeting is Anna-Lena Lundberg, primary director, and Gazza Wikudd, Operations. Participating in the meeting will also Elina Arab, Vice Chairman health- and Medical Care.

Time and place: Wednesday 9 October at 18:30 in Sockenstugen in Liden

Learn more about the new proposals in Sundsvall Tidning
4/10: Great anxiety in Liden when the clinic diet: “Rural areas will be totally depleted”
2/10: Debate; Slimmest of health centers - a huge betrayal of rural areas
26/9: Health Center in Nacksta proposed to be discontinued - Stöde and Liden slimmed to branches

Read more about Health Center in Liden here on,

Music video premiere of Jessica Falk's first Swedish song

Today let Jessica from Anundgård, Holm, the music video for her first Swedish song – “Here with you”. The text is written in the summer house in Inclination and has been filmed in Armadale. Producer's artist Erik Linder and Matilda Lundkvist.

Also read more about the release here in Sundsvall Tidning:
Artist Jessica Falk releases new song - for the first time in Swedish: “A close and genuine cooperation”

Storytelling about the birds in Holm


Holm's Local History Society invites you to a storytelling evening with slide show on birds in Holm on Thursday 24 October, at. 19.00.




– What are the most common birds in Holm's forests and lakes?

– What owls can be heard at night inventories?

– Are some of the most endangered (threatened) species here?

– Do you have something you want to tell or ask about?

– Quiz (1 X 2) with prices.


Peter Berglund, Navarn, using Titti Olsson, Östbyn.
Date / Time: Thursday 24 October, at. 19.00
Location: Församlingshemmet, Anund Farm
Other: Entry 60 kr incl. coffee and sandwich