HBU manufactures protective equipment for Liden Health center, elderly and home care

On Liden Health center, we are used to get help when we need it, but yesterday it was announced on Northwest Sundsvall and in Holm Group that now it was they who needed help. The big rush of sick barely begun for the Region Västernorrland, but there is already a shortage of protective equipment. The slide is a shortage of surgical masks and face shields. Now start Holm district's Development, HBU, own production to make settlements around self-sufficient protective visors.

Want more help, you can leave the equipment at the health center (at intake ambulance) or support HBU, buying plastic and manufactures visors!

After that yesterday went out and asked for help hadet already during the day received several packages of masks that could be spared from Tessan in Sillre and slide foot. To assist with face shield produces now also Holm district's development plastic visor using 3D printers and overhead paper. Patrik Wikholm manages the manufacturing and younger brother Niklas assembles and distributes them.

HBU will deliver a stack of face shield to all who need it in care- and care around the Holm-Indal Liden, hopefully already tomorrow Friday. In addition to Liden Vårdcentral , AEven home care services and nursing homes Rutsgården in Liden and Solgarden in Indal get if they are also in need. Have we missed anyone!?

If you want to support the production of protective equipment and the purchase of plastic materials (and the website and everything else we HBU do for the community, of course!) går det bra att skicka 50 SEK for membership till swish 070-537 11 22 or via PlusGiro 197 34 26-8.

AGM Holms Fiskevårdsomåde

På grund av rådande omständigheter angående coronasituationen
följer vi övriga samhällets rekommendationer och skjuter upp årsstämman för Holms FVO på obestämd tid.

We can still suggest that it is the finest time for ice fishing when the spring sun begins to shine and warm.

Isfiske på Lillsjön.

Styrelsen för Holms FVO

HBU set all meetings, association activities and calls for social distancing and to help each other

We, in the board, want to take responsibility in the development around the corona and hereby sets up / postpone HBU's annual meeting that was scheduled for 23/3 and all other association activities near future. We will come forward with a new date or any digital format of the meeting. This is to reduce unnecessary social encounter and avoid the spread of infection. At the same time, we urge everyone to take this very seriously! Being afraid of themselves and each other!

Washing your hands often and especially social isolation is the best way to avoid infection. No one has been infected or will be infected who are not exposed to the virus, It goes without saying.

This is a real crisis, and think no longer “It will not hit”. For it has already done, and soon perhaps first death also! Great part of the Holm residents are older and unfortunately in the largest risk group with poor prognosis.

(I myself work in health care and crisis escalates for every hour in the country by the end of the protective equipment and the lack of staff. We are already producing protective visor of office supplies, etc.. Death rates will soon rise exponentially and we will soon begin to prioritize who receives care or left to die. Age and poor health has been prioritized low in other countries. I say this not to scare but to let gravity clarified. So the situation is already out in countries that have gone further than us. We will probably not be an exception, but I hope I'm wrong!)

So be afraid of you and help each other! Take advantage of the advantage of living in rural areas, know your neighbors and perhaps be a little more prepared for disasters. Stay home and avoid social situations as far as possible. Watch TV / series / movies, play video games, tipple, shoot nature, take walks and jogging, rides snowmobile ski and, Grill hot dogs, rides sledding, allows more children to the countryside, ring instead to visit, push up meetings / gatherings, do not go to the health center or hospital with fever and cough without calling first, shop at each other instead of going along and put into Holm group here on Facebook If you need help with something.

“We stick together.”

With thoughtful greetings ❤️
Holm Appliance Development,
by Chairman. Niklas Wikholm

Sledging and sausage grilling on Tuesday 3/3


on Tuesday, 3 March at. 17:00 is the tobogganing, grilled sausages and coffee in “Allbergsbacken”. Large and small are welcome to come and go sledding or just umgås!


HBU offers hot dogs and juice / coffee! Hold up the road or take a walk to the fire. Welcome!

Contact point for questions

Niklas 0730-332944

PS. Did you know that HBU stands for electric lighting in Allbergsbacken and will keep the slopes running for the children in the district? This is thanks to your membership, you can solve this! 😉

See directions and read more to Allbergsbacken or watch earlier images from Allbergsdagen.