Movies from wind power construction

Wind builds Uusimaa Bergen Crow Croft starts coming to an end.
Here are two films made by the developer Eolus of transport and building work, most Holmbor followed at a distance and along the roads in the past year.

Erection of poles and installation of wings

Transport of blades Crow croft and Uusimaa Bergen

Jessika Falk from Holm inaugurates Square Festival in Sundsvall

Jessika plays today at the opening ceremony of the Square festival.

today at 15 inaugurated Square Festival in Sundsvall and none other than Jessica Falk from Holm with and play on inaugural on the main stage.

Few have perhaps missed that Anders “Tjacka” Soderberg with roots Sörbygden this year took new hold and revived the old street party in a new guise – Torg party. Artists from greatness in the 90s such as E-Type, Melodie MC with several plays during festivities. First, however, Jessica Falk from Holm. The time 15:00 pull it off, and admission is free during the opening ceremony.

Read more here Jessica Falk and
Torg party.

International against South Africa played at Holm Vallen

Holms SK played against international guest-working South Africans from Azari Wind the Holmvallen.

On Wednesday evening, organized an international match between Sweden, Filter consisting of SK, and South Africa, represented by the guest workers building wind turbines “Crow croft” (footnote).

Just over 20s visiting wind energy workers lined up for the kickoff and just as many of their colleagues had sat on the Holm-gallery.

The South Africans, who never played a football game together, whose real national sport is rugby, played good and bad actually stiff resistance with tough rough. Moreover, also played perhaps their best workers and scorer, Mendu, Holm in position to equalize the number of plays.

HSK was still straw sharper and got more balls in the net. The match ended 7-2 till Holm. Most importantly, however,, a fun meeting and approved to fight efforts of both teams giving good training in the legs. Hopefully you will now also more guest workers spectators to come to the summer home matches.

Goal: Niklas 3, Tommi Torvet (acquisitions for Söråkers FF) 2, Yonas 1, Mendu 1.

On 16/6 Kl 14 play next home game at Holm Vallen between Holm SK and IK Fränsta. Serving coffee, hot dogs and hamburgers.


match Calendar, result mm.

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FOOTNOTE: The place Crow cottage has besides an early history from the 1600s to present utländare. A readable history surrounding the cottage and the terrible tragedy that took place where you can read more about here in Liden Newspaper.

Storpjärptjärn closed, opens again Saturday 1 June

Now Storjärptjärnen in Holm's conservation area is closed until. 31 May. Premiere of fishing is 1 June. The lake has populations of trout and char. Fishing licenses can be purchased most easily via the Internet or locally through an agent, read more This fish page

To save the road to the lake during källossning and snowmelt close Storpjärptjärn normally each year on the first weekday after Easter and opens again the first Saturday in June. Always assume that if not guessed said.

Read more about fishing in Holm here