Skating enthusiasts isfrossar the glassy Holmsjön

Holmsjön attracts many tourists skating in winter when conditions are especially good. Here a party of luck against Anundgård, with Holm's church that majestically rises out of the mist. Photo: Lola Hultman

Holm Sea about 3 mil long and still lake waters make it frequently to the area may be the best and safest ice skating. In winter it has been invited on many extra fine skating days on the glassy ice. The mild winter has resulted hittls bad with snow around here, as well as in most of Sweden. All the better, however, the conditions for good skating rink has been. Whether you are skating or regular griller, it's a great experience to go out when the ice is smooth.

This weekend Lola Hultman, of Inclination, and Jonas Modin with the company out on a ride along with Holmsjön. The images convey no doubt the feeling of freedom and natural experience even if the time should be experienced on site.

Short pause for breath before the action bar on the Inclination to Anundgård.

A clear ice from freshwater considered sustainable for a skater when five centimeters thick, according to Friluftsfrämjandet, which may take a few days or a week on the big Holmsjön. Normally, when the lake froze in December, it usually takes not so many days before the snow comes as a letter in the mail. Then it is that the ice is sufficiently thick, if earlier to have time to go on the. With this year's mild winter, however, has no thick insulating layer of snow has settled, so when winter arrived it has been able to freeze on quickly when it was below freezing.

Sunset outside Loviken in early January. With the rapid slide in the strong wind takes you down to Anundgård in half an hour-hour. Closer 30 km / h was measured with GPS.

Large and quiet lake suitable for ice skates
Holmsjön starts normally freeze about a week into December, with the smaller lakes around it can be frozen and ride at the beginning of November,. När snötäcket i december uteblev på Holmsjön, it could soon become 2-3 decimeters clear ice and then when it repeatedly been just over “zero” the little snow that got melted away. Ice surface has then been able to become shiny and nice again and again. Holmsjön which both have large areas and are not flowing water also makes it extra suitable for long-distance skating. This winter thereof lake attracted extra visitors people from climes around, but also long-distance skating tourists from Stockholm and far from the bottom Linkoping visited the area ice.

Movie clips of ride on Holmsjön starting in Lovikens evening sun.

Beware! Straight open water formed between Loviken-Drive Mountain, jan 2020.

Use ice claws and beware of accidentally and places where the ice is weak

Although the lake is great and the ice usually thick, there is reason to be a little wary. When lake regulated for hydro moves ice cracks sometimes partially or fully across and then formed a so-called lead opened, large cracks with height differences or gaps where the ice differ greatly.


Open water outside Sand Näsets camping!


Likewise, you should look up the streams which flow into, bridges in Vike and near the outlet at Sandnäset where ice can be open or weaker several hundred meters out. Ice claws and ice knowledge is always recommended! Even if the conditions are good.


So was the temperature at the beginning of winter, from the ice froze completely around 17/12 t.o.m. 10/1.

What was the temperature last night? Live weather page on / vader
Has the ice melted? Has formed “överis”? If the ice built up on tonight? There are questions we often ask before you should go out. Now the weather page of Holm district updated and displays in real time and actual temperatures have been lately. Data is stored continuously starting today, 20 January 2020.


The municipality wants to invest more in Holm-Indal Liden

The first meeting of the local council on Häreborg in Indal, with some of the members representing the northwestern districts of. his Forsberg (c) held in the meeting. Foremost was now able to get to know each other and understand the purpose of the Council.
Fr. v.; his Forsberg (c) (Chairman of the local council), Lars Lidin (BGT Liden), Marianne Leek (facilitator, t.f. rural developer), Victoria Melin Furberg (Indal Time), Niklas Wikholm (Holm Appliance Development, Holms SK, Holm Service AB).

Sundsvall Municipality has decided to increase the local presence and spend a little extra on the northwestern part of the municipality. On that basis, it has formed the local council “Indal-Liden”, decided by the municipality's goals and resource plan. The Council will consist of both politicians involved in rural issues, and local representatives from the districts Holm, Indal and Liden. Besides being the reference body for the City Council shall also be an important channel of communication to the villagers. As this, by The municipality will provide the way businesses and associations, and the opportunity to discuss and prioritize the actions needed in our municipal district.

Representatives from Holm Ulla Grelsson (L) and Niklas Wikholm. Ulla is primarily political represented, but is also chairman of Holms SK. Niklas is also he engaged in Holm SK, but also chairman of Holm Appliance Development and a local entrepreneur who is trying to start up a gas station and service point in the village.

representatives, both politicians and locally based, conversation about the needs in the northwestern part of the municipality and takes part of the municipality's draft area plan.
Fr. v.; Ann-Charlotte Evrung (s), Hans-Christer Karlsson (Trollrike Snowmobile Club, Fiskevårdsområde), Therese Eriksson (Tessan in Sillre), his Forsberg (c) (Chairman of the local council), Lars Lidin (BGT Liden), Jonas Engman (Indals-Lidens SK).

First rural development programs – Now local councils. Northwest is one of two priority areas.
Since earlier this municipality is a rural development program in the municipality of Sundsvall, to set an ambition to invest more in rural areas in the municipality. This makes such. Today schools in Indal and Liden relatively protected in the municipal decisions on possible cuts. The new local council, can be seen as a further development in the RDP, for specific areas of additional priority.

As well as Indal-Liden it should also form a local council for Bredsand, for it is also a priority area. Indal Liden and Bredsand stands for special, but different, challenges and thereof do these two initiatives. At Thursday's meeting was conducted, however, speaking of our local council names also would include Holm, to make clear that even Holm district included in the priority northwestern area.

A range plans are developed
A draft area plan linked to this initiative has been developed by the municipal government. It would mainly develop the business, invest in outdoor environment, build a new sports center in the area and relocate the municipal workplaces. Area plan is not fully completed, but will with the help of the Council could be improved and result in something good for the further development of our districts.

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Invitation to discussion and questions about Liden Health Central's future

Region Västernorrland offer on Wednesday in you living in Holm, Indal Liden and to inform them of the proposal could mean a change for the health center Liden.

“We look forward to a dialogue where we can capture thoughts and ideas to include in our continued efforts to develop an accessible and safe patient care”, allows representatives of the region's health.

Those who hold information meeting is Anna-Lena Lundberg, primary director, and Gazza Wikudd, Operations. Participating in the meeting will also Elina Arab, Vice Chairman health- and Medical Care.

Time and place: Wednesday 9 October at 18:30 in Sockenstugen in Liden

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