Holm AED – now in service!

Reporter found easily recognized by holmbygden.se / acute or via the Red Cross ( ) right of the front page. In the future, if necessary. more pertinent emergency information be added to it.

Fo the district's security have Holms own Olle "Zeb" Fresh instead of turret armed with a defibrillator.

1. Check conscious
Take a hold of the shafts, gently shake the person and try to wake her / him. If the person does not wake up, you check for breathing.
2. Check respiratory *
Open the airway by placing one hand on forehead, bend your head back and lift your chin with your other hand index and middle fingers. Place your ear close to the person's nose and mouth, listen and feel for breath, see while on your chest if it rises.
3. Alert 112 and call Holms
If the person has abnormal breathing or not breathing at all, or you are unsure, you should assess what the person has suffered cardiac arrest, ring 112 and start CPR.

Call also Holms AED by dialing Olle Fresh 0730-484 511, 0692-30123 old. ask someone to pick it up in Olle's porch.
4. Make heart- resuscitation – HLR (“30:2”)

Chest compressions – 30 ggr:
Place one of your wrist in the middle of the chest, place your other hand on top. Press the least 5 cm and release completely between compressions. Hold a rapid rate of about. 2 pressure / second (100-120 press / min). Push 30 times.

Breaths – 2 st:
Open the airway: keep one hand on forehead, bend your head back and lift your chin with your other hand touch- and middle. Pinch of the person's nose,, place your mouth close to the victim and blow air until the chest rises. Make 2 breaths.

Continue to do 30 compressions and provide 2 breaths until the AED / ambulance arrives or the person breathing with normal Breath.

OBS! Can you or do not do CPR, it is better to just do chest compressions than nothing.
5. Use heart-starter (home. defibrillera)
Press the ON button and follow the unit's voice prompts.
The device determines whether it will run or whether, instead, you must continue to do CPR.
Depending on how many people are in place,
to distribute tasks, t. former. a two-start CPR, a ring SOS, a ring Olle total. Åker your (if he does not respond). If you know any other health care expert near it may be wise to call even this.
Are you yourself, it is important to call for help and do CPR. Without continuous CPR itself, it is unlikely.
Source (with local additions): CPR Board (hlr.nu).
* It has now abandoned the pulse control
because it is often very difficult to feel, and that they have concluded that it almost is not dangerous for your heart if you happen to do CPR on a functioning heart. In addition, you lose precious time.

About a year after that Olle Fresh started the collection of heart starter was the last week of production launch of the Parish house. Thomas Åslin, "Urbybo" expert well cardiac massage from the rescue Medelpad, exhibited heart starter and talked about what else is good to know when an accident occurs.

In summary, there is no need to be afraid of making mistakes neither with heart starter or with CPR (HLR). Sure, you can make manual exercises various good, but the only fault you can possibly do is to do nothing. Then the person will simply die. Heart Starts set even say what to do. Early CPR and heart-boot normally multiply the chances of survival, not least in Holm with the long distances and driving times for ambulance.

Newspaper article in the ST from 16/5.

Holm AED is also registered in “Swedish heart starts registers”. It is a national registry where you can see where the nearest defibrillator available in the community. Holm's AED is located in Olle's porch and reached around the clock by which fetched or by calling Olle Fresh (0730-484 511, 0692-30123) or anyone else who takes heart launcher where it is needed. Heart starter will also be needed at the crowds such as football matches and PRO-dances, where it can be assumed to make the best use.

Here you can search was Holm's defibrillator available by typing “Anund yard”.


In the future, hopefully this year, , a new telephone system, via SOS to alert CPR knowledgeable people in the village via sms of cardiac arrest. Then people who are near an address sent to their mobile and can directly go there. The system has only been tested in Stockholm with success and Holm is next. Today, however, Holm defibrillator any “clutch” or larmrutin large SOS, but must be called himself on the spot.

Read more about the project SMSlivräddare.


Pain in chest? – Measures even before a possible. cardiac arrest.
Can you experienced chest pain may be caused by a variety of things, Usually it is harmless. If, however, a strong, oppressive or crampy pain in the chest that does not disappear or if you have chest pains while feeling out of breath, nausea, clammy or irregular heartbeat. Then they will call 112. Are we alone should also call someone nearby, so that they are not alone before the ambulance arrives – important for a possible. cardiac arrest. Read more – sjv.upplysningen 1177.se.

Angina and heart attack due to the narrowing in the coronary arteries. At the infarct, it is a blockage in one of the vessels. The blood may be difficult to get around and the lack of oxygen gives pain.

Read more about the difference between cardiac arrest and heart attack.

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While waiting for an ambulance can take half Aspirin, Treo or Magnecyl (acetylsalisylsyra – prescription). Aspirin prevents the platelets, platelets, clump together and form blood clots. A small dose of aspirin may be waiting for an ambulance or helicopter to save the life of a heart attack patient.
Source: Karl Johan Tötterman, specialist in cardiology and associate professor of internal medicine.

If you have nitroglycerin medication (spray / tablet – prescription) you can take it while you wait, and rest. This widens the arteries so that blood can more easily reach. Also used by the ambulance crew by spraying under the tongue. Source: Apoteket.se.

Best of all, however, prevent heart- and vascular disease with good nutrition and exercise!



Photos from the demonstration on Församlingshemmet found below.

Olle shows around “his” purchasing, that he was using both villagers and “utomsocknes” contributors managed to acquire.


Thomas Åslin showing cardiac- and resuscitation.


In addition to fans and contributors from around the area were also papers on the spot, taking pictures and writing.


Here's what Holm defibrillator out. When an arrest is to retain or to get a so-called. fibrillation using CPR. Only then, one may encounter (defibrillera) heart that it then be able to beat their own steam. This is a semi-automatic defibrillator as self-analyze the heart rhythm and determines whether to run or whether you should continue to do cardiac massage and breaths. You can not run a functioning heart by mistake.

Heart starter in society rebranded as shown on the right.


Good job Olle Frisk and Thomas Åslin! However, we must hope that the expensive apparatus does not need to come to Using your ...

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