“AND” for wind farm in Loviken

Wind power company's establishment of works in Holm has been a juggling back and forth between the green light and the appeal. Today, the Environmental Committee decided ahead for construction. Now the matter will go through the municipal government and submitted to the County Board for a final and definitive test.

The approximately 50 wind turbines in Holm will be Medelpad's largest wind farm and planned to be established in the so-called Crow cottage in Loviken. Spinning Orna will be seen from eg. a. Holmsjön and Sandnäset.

It was also given the green light to SCA can break the mountain before the establishment.

In another area of ​​Nötåsen decision was also ahead in February (read future owners report here, with map etc..). This has since been appealed by reindeer.

Hopefully this can mean favorable consequences for Holm district in among others. jobs and promoting economic.

Here you can read or see on the local news about the decision (opens in new window).
TV4 Sundsvall
ST.nu – Waited yes to wind power development
ST.nu – SCA may take rock to spin Hosts foundation
Earlier reports on Holmbygden.se from last winter about the construction of Nötåsen.

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