Holmbygden.se, annual review 2012

The chart depicts the number of visitors per day in 2012.

More than a year has passed since Holmbygden.se launched in January 2012
The website had over 8 000 visits and 27 000 requests during the year 2012. Most visitors visited the 5:e december (three news about “Telia Telecom”, “Man found dead” and “This year's Christmas”). The number of visitors has risen gradually over the year and December was the month with most visitors.
The most visited pages have been fixed “Accommodation“, “Guestbook” and “Company“. The companies and associations that received the most visitors to their own websites thanks to links also click from Holmbygden.se was Holms SK (A-team), Sunnansjö and Österström (see the full list below).
The old website “Holmbygden.nu” needed to be modernized, while the previous web site and the domain name was an expensive expenditure. Inger Hejlm Åslin, then President of HBU F/T, frågade då om jag kunde göra en ny hemsidan åt föreningen under hösten 2011.

I had little experience in making websites, but promised to give it a try and learn. The website has taken many hours to complete – about 10h/vecka during 2012. Of course, mostly in the beginning when I did all fixed sides. The solid sides – Today 63 st, can be found in the black menu bar at the top of the homepage. The news can be found here in the flow during “Both”. Since its inception, 92 Each news published, which approximately 15 based on proposals submitted news. Being able to add your own new proposals and calendar posters are features that were added in the second half.

During the latter part of the year, it has started to come more and more new proposals from your readers about the events and happenings. It is estimated! This was also my thought from the beginning. That when the backbone is made to get a pretty self-propelled website that everyone in the village can use – individuals, associations and companies. In this way I hope the website under 2013 to be a less personal narrative and a more common product of all with an interest in Holm district.

/Web Master Niklas Wikholm

Below I have compiled all the news and 2012 year's visitor statistics


som visats hittils på Holmbygden.se

The most common sources from most visitors found the Holmbygden.se

No. Source Visit
1 google 2 493
2 facebook.com 1 701
3 Direct Address 1 476
4 RSS Feed 1 192
5 m.facebook.coml 1091
6 holmbygden.nu 112
7 google.se 83
8 bing 70
9 wordpress.org 30
10 destis.eu 11
Visit: 8359 visit the website had, varav 1962st via mobil/surfplatta.
So, the number of visits.
Unique visitors: 2923 Each unique visitors (Non-Duplicated) website visitors.
Pageviews: 27602 st visningar av sidor.
Pages / visit: 3,3 st. The average number of pages that appeared during a visit.
Gen. length of visits:5 I and 14 sek. The average length of a visit to the page.Antalet besökare skall värderas med avseende på att den endast riktar sig till folk som är intresserade av just Holm och antalet invånare på ca. 400 press.Visitors from different countries Most visitors are obviously from Sweden. In addition, it has side had a visit from 52 others. Among other (in descending order) Norway, USA, Finland, Germany, Denmark, The Netherlands, Singapore, UK, Poland, Thailand, Switzerland och Japan. See map above.
The most visited pages in fixed main menu

No. AIDS Visit
1. Home 7 780
2. /accommodation / 836
3. /Guestbook / 492
4. /make / 452
5. /hbu-ft/ 360
6. /is ingar / holm-sportklubb / 331
7. /accommodation / old-the store / 298
8. /service / Bussar / 293
9. /hbu-ft/folj-holmbygden-se / 278
10. /living / charmigt-sekelskifteshus-in-ostbyn / 276

The most read news in years

No. AIDS Visit
1. /2012/09/25/mats-Mehlin-missing-pa-district / 175
2. /2012/07/16/large pinching / 116
3. /2012/10/07/oktoberfest-pa oster power / 110
4. /2012/09/23/grief message-pa-village / 107
5. /2012/02/20/ready-for-wind-power on-notasen / 96
6. /2011/12/28/save-after-storm-dagmar / 91
7. /2012/05/08/new-ads-for-residents / 90
8. /2012/05/10/demonstration-of-holm-new-hjartstartare / 89
9. 82
10. /2011/12/01/gamla-nyheter/ 77

Företag och föreningars egna hemsidor som tagit emot besökare från Holmbygden.se

No. AIDS Visit
1. Holm SK-team page 177
2. Sunnansjö 161
3. The Holm House 125
4. Österströms Estate / timber magnate 126
5. Holms fiskevårdsområde 72
6. Sandnäsets Camping 65
7. SMHI weather – Hourly 62
8. Draka rock Snowmobile Club 50
9. Entré Trading 45
10. Max Måleri 44



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