Holm is with the Gold Femman 2013

Who knows Holm SK best?! Challenge Olle Frisk and all other HSK fans! Support Association in a fun way. Var med och att tävla och tippa på din “Gold Fifth” the A-team. Best Holm Connoisseurs win a soccer trip to England, value 4000 kr!!

HERE kan du spela online på dina fem Holmlirare!(Har du en broschyr i pappersformat? Lämna genast in din femma till A-lagets spelare så att den hinner registreras eller ring/smsa in din rad på 0730-332944.)
On a brand new website, guldfemman.se/holms-sk kommer du samtidigt att kunna tippa, följa dina spelare, göra ev. taktiska byten m.m och följa de andras Guldfemmor och se hur du ligger till.

Season 2013 It will therefore be involved in something called “Gold Femman - Your Local Dream Team“. This is similar to Aftonbladet concept Dream Elvan, but with local prägel. Instead of “buy” 11 players from the Premier League, customer selects 5 players from our A-team. No dream eleven words, without a gold fiver.

The players in the first team will receive points for their performance in the series Game. S assist eng t.ex. points while a red card gives less. This in turn points to the fans of different gold fives who are in the race. The current position will constantly be monitored on a special website just for Holm SK Gold Femman (announced later). Holm's best tipster whose fifth has the most points when the series is over wins a soccer trip to England, value 4 000 kr. Even if you are not a “gamblare” for everyday, it is a fun way to support the voluntary sector in Holm. It is also possible to combine free with a free results service via SMS, to get continuous results and match info.

I mars/april kommer det gå att köpa sin guldfemma och då kommer vi i föreningen också att marknadsföra detta med hjälp av tryckta säljblad. Interest Sign up above, to get more information when it's time. It is not binding in any way. We will link to our site with gold fifth grade here when everything is ready. A gold fiver cost between 50 $ and 250 SEK depending on which players to buy.

Gold Femman will create new revenue Holm Sportklubb, but above all, the hope is that we can increase interest and engagement around the compound. Help us to tell us more about this. Please use the “Like” and “Her”-links and help us spread the word to your Facebook friends.

Read more about Gold Femman, points system, Prices, m.m. of guldfemman.se / info.
Read more about Holm SK.

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