Holm SK in Heat Cup

Having recently gone undefeated through Berners Cup now is the time to heat the preseason another snap. This weekend draws heat Cup started on the West Hagens new artificial turf.
Last year, combed Holm won a group stage victory and did very serviceable even in playoffs. Hopefully this year's Team Performance to be peaceful.

Here is the match program for Holm SK and Tour 4:
Sön 10 March 19:00 IFK Sundsvall 2 – Holms SK (*1) 2 – 3
Tor 14 March 20:00 Black's IF – Holms SK (*1) 2 – 0
Sat. 16 March 14:00 Holms SK – Stöde2/Nedansjö
Sat. 16 March 20:00 Quartz.; Voicemail. gr 3 – Voicemail. gr 4
Sön 17 March 15:00 Semi.; Voicemail. gr 3/4 – 2:a gr 1/Segr gr 5
Sön 17 March 17:00 Final
*The number in ( ) refers to the number plusmål, first goal gives +1 beroende på serietillhörighet.
Referat från matcherna hittar du this.

Come and cheer on Holm! Take the opportunity to “read of the team” before your game on “Gold Femman“…
NEW: You can now also see the A-team training- and schedule online. You can also automatically sync with your smartphone calendar.

Program Sheet, Order of play, Laginfo rules.

More information and links:
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Learn about summer new series systems with merging of Div. 5 and Div. 6.

Before the season 2013:
Lag, game programs and current table for Div. 5 samt distriktsmästerskapet hittar du alltid på direktlänken holmbygden.se /Table.

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