HSK on the winning track again

After the loss against Ange week Holm came back and could now win against the cube 3 with clear 5-1 after 2-1 in half. Holm opened strongly and created numerous chances, the first 20 minutes and should probably closed the game where… Read the full report of proceedings at holmssk.se /alaget.

+ How did the players in today's match. See målskyttar, attend, inhopp etc.
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+ NEW: See statistics on players' games, target, assist m.m.

+ See Guldfemman table on holmssk.se /g5. Have you missed the competition for all HSK fans? It's not too late! Read more here!
tabell+ Table, scorer and upcoming matches holmbygden.se /Table.
+ Div. 5 Medelpadsgatan on Lokalfotbollen.nu reviewing the show all matches.

+ Do read more about Holms Sports Club on holmbygden.se /hsk.
+ NEW: A-team matches and training – synka with your mobile!
+ NEW: Holmbygden.se /series. For those interested in football Holm comforter is now also a page with results and tables for all Medelpadsgatan Impact.
It immediately reported it also live from Olympics and Giffarnas Superettan.

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