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Despite an abysmal start with baklängesmål in the 2:a minute could Holm continued progress in DM after defeating Kovlands IF with 6-4 after shootout.
So it was the guests who started best and beat dividends directly, but the home team eventually came into the game and could before half time by sending a speedy Emil Westberg who easily rounded Kovland goalie and teasingly rolled the ball…
Read the full report of proceedings at /alaget.

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Holms keeper: Robert Jonsson. Holms straffskyttar: Janne Sölve Steel, Mattias Engman, Rasmus Staaf, Patrick Mattson, Johnny Nutt. Cameraman: Fredrik.

Result *
Holms SK-Kovlands IF 6-4, 3-3 at full time (1-1).
Case HSK: Emil Westberg (Niklas Wikholm), Janne Sölve Steel (penalty), Niklas Wikholm.
Penalty shootout: Mattias Engman, Rasmus Staaf, Johnny Nutt.
With AS: Jens Olsson 2, Sebastian Westling. Penalty shootout: Jens Olsson.
*DM-matches are not included in Gold Femman Contest.

Next DM-match 1/16-final: Holms SK – Lucksta IF Wednesday 12/6 at 19:00, Holmvallen.
The next league game: Sund IF 2 – Holms SK onsdag 5/6, Flodbergsudden Sundsbruk.
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