Holms SK stood up in 60 mot division 3 min lag

I 60 Holm kept my pace with div 3 Steamers team before the away team could do
Then it became the home side's central defender Johnny Nutt sent off in the 66:e minutes and three minutes later the West team make 0-2 and then it felt like the air went out of the islands largely. 0-3 then came the 76:my… Read the full report of proceedings at holmssk.se /alaget.

Result *
Holms SK – Ånge IF 0-0 (0-4).
*DM-matches are not included in Gold Femman Contest.

The next league game: Granlo BK – Holms SK 15:00 Saturday 27/7, Indal sub-. Western Hagen.
+ Applications for the fall season can be found here on holmbygden.se /Table.
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