Wired Meetings this week

NEW: Notification (for new entrants or completion of tasks):
By request, you can now register their interest to “Broadband group” online. Fill in as much information as possible.
* = Required field
specify "Residence" if someone is registered on the property.
You can also e-mail the above information to info@holmbygden.se.

On Wednesday 14/8 Conference on Österström 19.00-21.00, and in Gimåfors community center Saturday 17/8 10.00-12.00 it's broadband meeting for all interested.

So far, whole 95 stakeholder / properties expressed their interest and soon the entire Holm to speed up the Internet traffic!

meeting points

  • Fiber till Holm.Information current situation of interest.
  • Bynet map inlaid properties.
  • Take in membership 200:-
  • Designate area managers.
  • Suggestion Board representatives.
  • Next step: Starting Compound… register compound… apply for grants M.M..
    Connectivity Scanova in Gimåfors, Servanet i Anundgård…
    Where do we go ..?

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