Join Holm fiber association and have the opportunity to fiber broadband!

Holm Economical Fiber Fdonor compound is designed to build fiber broadband to villages surrounding Holmsjön. To do that we need the association apply for funding from the provincial government. Today, we 120 members of the association but we need more – because of premium increases, the more we are in the association.

The membership fee is 100 per year, together with an entry fee of 100 crowns (refunded on any exit). So sign up for our association to have the opportunity to fiber!

I mars 2014 should the grant be made and the planning and procurement should be completed before. It's also when we determine the cost of the withdrawal of fiber to each household. Then you can decide if you want to be or not.

Will the project a reality, you will have access to the Internet, TV and telephony, as well as future opportunities to different types of security alarm and care services etc..

Besides that you get the fiber, this is an important project because it:

  • Increases entire district's development and attractiveness.
  • Increases the ability of entrepreneurs and enterprise in our district.
  • Increases the ability to sell or rent your property.

Examples of monthly expenses
costs today.

The example below includes the investment cost in the first 60 months.

There are alternative solutions for home owners and summer residents if you just want to have the above services are part of the year. Then you have current subscriptions Two months notice.

Contact and registration
Bo Lindroos 070-696 53 40 , Stefan Yourself 073-070 34 40 , Bengt Sahlén 070-109 58 25

Registration can also be made via

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