Still without power and telephony in much of Holm

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15:00 17/12
Fixed Line is expected again to Holm tomorrow Wednesday (calculated earlier today / Tuesday). For Deep Pipe (21 customers) calculated on the other hand have to wait until Thursday.

12:00 17/12 Eljusspåret in Anundgård now uppröjt about passable. In dagljusspåret to Österström has about 20 larger trees fallen over trees. Shortly after the newly cleared up…


How could it look like in Ivars track.
SOn this, it might look in Ivars track. Pictures Herjeåns helikoperbesiktning.
Photo: Erik Trygg.

Many Holmbor are still four days after the storm, but Line. In the western parts of the Holm is still the villagers also without power and can be as few weeks out.

Below is a summary of the situation from different sources (131216 09:00), subject to. error. Do you know some change or something wrong, please keep in touch!


Sundsvall Municipality meddelat that in case of no telephone can alert SOS via the nearest part time fire station in Liden. When it is 4 mil to go for some Holmbor have HBU arranged to also feel free to alarm from Jan and Ingela Winroth, Anund Farm 157, which has a fiber connected functioning landline .
Tap to Jan Winroth Anundgård 157 to borrow the phone (0692-300 58).


Both the fixed and mobile telephony is still eliminated for most of Holm residents.

Fast telefoni – Essentially output mode
Telia's operating mode for fixed telephony. Interruption of virtually the entire Holm, total 228 customers. Large Hullsjön calculated regain fixed telephony during Monday afternoon and the remainder in Holm Wednesday.
Interruption fixed telephony Telia.jpg
Operating Location Map Telis fixed telephony.

Telia uppdaterad driflägeskarta. Klicka på “Västernorrland” the map.
Se Skanovas (nätägare) sida för nätinformation.

Mobile telephony – The ruling largely
Overall unusable mobile in Holm. Sometimes the call is set up with varying audibility. On higher points or more north you can get in touch with Liden mast.
Interruption mobile telephony Telia.
Operating Location Map for Telia's mobile telephony.

Operating information for the various operators / network owners:
Telia (och Halebop)ThreeTele2 / ComviqTelenor

IP Telephony via fiber broad band in Anundgård-Östbyn – functioning.
Works without problems. – Servanet driftinformation.
If you want to avoid disruptions in the future with the help of IP telephony, join Holm Fiber!

IP telephony over wireless 450 MHz broadband – disruptions.
Faults in the network occurs. – Net1 driftinformation.

Make calls over the internet
Households with access to Internet (t.ex. via Servanet, Station eller Net1), but has no telephone can use their Internet connection to make calls. If you have a computer or smartphone connected to the internet you can with applications such as Skype, Viber and Facebook to call others with the same application is absolutely free. With Skype and Viber, you can also call landlines through an extra payment.


Most of Holm part of E.ON's grid, while the western part belongs Härjeåns network. In the latter mentioned area with villages Loviken, Sandnäset, Gimåfors, Fagerviken still have many power outages. In addition, individual customers of E.ON's network. Below each Powerline interruption position.

Härjeåns break in the mains – might take seven days, to 22/12!
Break in Härjeåns grid.
Many electricity customers in the western parts of the Holm is still without power. Härjeåns has given no precise estimate of when the electricity will be back. According to SR P4 morning's interview is the goal that everyone at least score regain power before Christmas. According Fyrfasen Energy is the operator of the power grid, it can probably take seven days, then to 22/12 (!), before the power returns.
Tips on damaged pipes will be gratefully received by their felamälan 0690-10470.
Härjeåns uppdaterade driftinformation. Select “Bispgården…” in the map scroll bar.
Se bilder från stormens verkningar
Avbrottsersättning Entitled the interruption longer than 12 hours.

E.ON's electric network – power back on Tuesday.
Interruption Map E.ON.E.ON has also abonenter still without electricity. Some of the customers were able to restore electricity during Sunday night while the rest is expected to wait until Tuesday.
Error report 020-88 00 22, around the clock
E.ON’s strömavbrottskarta.
Avbrottsinfo via SMS Get directly into the cell phone of a power failure
Chatta med E-ON’s kundservice.
Avbrottsersättning Entitled the interruption longer than 12 hours.


Mobile internet / broadband – Essentially down.
Internet via 2G and 3G networks by mobile operators is mainly down.
Operating information for the various operators / network owners:
Telia (och Halebop)ThreeTele2 / ComviqTelenor

Fiberbredband – functioning.
The fiber network in Anundgård-Östbyn with 14 subscribers clockwork.
Servanet driftinformation, internet, telephony and television. The owner of the fiber network in Anundgård-Östbyn and operator.
Bahnhof driftinformation, another operator in ServaNet fiber.
If you want to avoid disruptions in the future using fiber broadband, join Holm Fiber!

broadband over “old” NMT network – disruptions.
Mobile broadband 450 MHz network by Net1 may be disturbed.
Net1 driftinfomation, (network owner and operator).


The County Board of Västernorrland
The rescue Medelpad

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