Holms SK – ALNÖ IF 2

Match of the Day Live! Make sure you have the best quality of the gear on the bottom right. In case of any technical problems, try instead HSK's channel holmssk.se/youtube.

today 16:00 at Holm Vallen play Holms SK. Holmbygden.se live broadcast match. Welcome to look at the place! If you are unable, go game also good to see this.

Lineup, match announcements and results, the text in each match free here!

today's stream (“embedded” above): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zoYKurU6uts

HSK:by Youtube-Channel: holmssk.se/youtube

2 thoughts on “Holms SK – ALNÖ IF 2

  1. Hey all!
    Fantastic fun to see the development of my old club. What services!!
    Unfortunately I missed the reunion last year, but will make it up to come.
    Greetings from the goalkeeper and gambling “coach” -73 and -74
    Gunnar Hansson

    • Very funny to hear that the service and the website spreads joy! Frederick Wikholm (like me, the son of your lagkramat Max) has done a great job both filmed and commented on several matches in this year's league.

      Hopefully we can show some matches in the coming season also. Keep an eye on the website! I can also recommend a trip down memory lane up to the prestigious Holm Vallen and watch a game this summer. =)

      Max told the rest of several memories with your team from contemporary battles against including Lucksta.

      Niklas Wikholm

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