Finally precipitation of Holm


Awaited Precipitation over Holm 21-22 July

the weather, even by Swedish standards, been a major talking point this year. After the persistent drought took a hefty rains finally over Holm district at the weekend. Note to fire ban still prevails throughout the county.

Closer than this did not rain Thursday

The risk of fire is and has been imminent national, as well as in Holm. Here are two incidents where fire departments summoned taken place during the summer, a grass fire at Storjärptjärn and at Hassjön. Not since the snow disappeared, something really rains worth the name proved over Holm, a wipe out seldom seen. There have been only a few very brief raindrops that had fallen over the countryside – until now.

During Saturday afternoon the rain started with a few showers that came and went-. Later on Saturday evening and throughout the night to Sunday until 12 o'clock opened sky over the whole Holm. Hopefully the rain can give a much needed boost to the vegetation, berries, and above all reduce the risk of fire. Now, you might also get a little more trimming to look forward to the district all gräsklipparentusiaster.

Note that fire ban still exists throughout the county. Even more rain would be needed before we can start talking about something “normal”.

Now to the week as expected again heatwave to return with temperatures reaching 27-30 degrees of Holm. And if you believe weather forecasts that expected a little more much-needed rain onwards weekend again.

On You can always find the latest weather forecasts Holm!

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