The municipality wants to invest more in Holm-Indal Liden

The first meeting of the local council on Häreborg in Indal, with some of the members representing the northwestern districts of. his Forsberg (c) held in the meeting. Foremost was now able to get to know each other and understand the purpose of the Council.
Fr. v.; his Forsberg (c) (Chairman of the local council), Lars Lidin (BGT Liden), Marianne Leek (facilitator, t.f. rural developer), Victoria Melin Furberg (Indal Time), Niklas Wikholm (Holm Appliance Development, Holms SK, Holm Service AB).

Sundsvall Municipality has decided to increase the local presence and spend a little extra on the northwestern part of the municipality. On that basis, it has formed the local council “Indal-Liden”, decided by the municipality's goals and resource plan. The Council will consist of both politicians involved in rural issues, and local representatives from the districts Holm, Indal and Liden. Besides being the reference body for the City Council shall also be an important channel of communication to the villagers. As this, by The municipality will provide the way businesses and associations, and the opportunity to discuss and prioritize the actions needed in our municipal district.

Representatives from Holm Ulla Grelsson (L) and Niklas Wikholm. Ulla is primarily political represented, but is also chairman of Holms SK. Niklas is also he engaged in Holm SK, but also chairman of Holm Appliance Development and a local entrepreneur who is trying to start up a gas station and service point in the village.

representatives, both politicians and locally based, conversation about the needs in the northwestern part of the municipality and takes part of the municipality's draft area plan.
Fr. v.; Ann-Charlotte Evrung (s), Hans-Christer Karlsson (Trollrike Snowmobile Club, Fiskevårdsområde), Therese Eriksson (Tessan in Sillre), his Forsberg (c) (Chairman of the local council), Lars Lidin (BGT Liden), Jonas Engman (Indals-Lidens SK).

First rural development programs – Now local councils. Northwest is one of two priority areas.
Since earlier this municipality is a rural development program in the municipality of Sundsvall, to set an ambition to invest more in rural areas in the municipality. This makes such. Today schools in Indal and Liden relatively protected in the municipal decisions on possible cuts. The new local council, can be seen as a further development in the RDP, for specific areas of additional priority.

As well as Indal-Liden it should also form a local council for Bredsand, for it is also a priority area. Indal Liden and Bredsand stands for special, but different, challenges and thereof do these two initiatives. At Thursday's meeting was conducted, however, speaking of our local council names also would include Holm, to make clear that even Holm district included in the priority northwestern area.

A range plans are developed
A draft area plan linked to this initiative has been developed by the municipal government. It would mainly develop the business, invest in outdoor environment, build a new sports center in the area and relocate the municipal workplaces. Area plan is not fully completed, but will with the help of the Council could be improved and result in something good for the further development of our districts.

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4 thoughts on “The municipality wants to invest more in Holm-Indal Liden

  1. Nu är inte vårdcentraler kommunens ansvarsområde men vill man se till att orterna inte avfolkas utan tvärtom, växer behöver man säker tillgång till sjukvård i närområdet! Om kommunen gör en plan för detta och kommunicerar med landstinget/regionen är chanserna större att locka till sig nya handlingskratiga medborgare. Äldrevården är ett kommunalansvar och även den gynnas av närvarande vårdcentral. Alla gynnas!

  2. Good initiative, but do not forget that we need to population growth in this part of the municipality not to businesses will be threatened with closure!
    1. Opt for Trygghetsboende in Liden. This release properties for occupancy.
    2. Combining a new fire station with a municipal business hotels.
    3. “Relocating municipal workplaces” is a trifle. Make sure that the Enterprise's company lives up to its owner directives and fixes businesses to rural areas.
    4. Give Mitthem Directive to plan housing in our area. (It took out of space!!)

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