training “reinforced fellows”

På torsdag är det dags för ytterligare en livsnödvändig utbildning av Holms så kallade “enhanced people”. Det är ett bra tillfälle att repetera sina kunskaper för vår bygds kanske viktigaste “save resources” – all the volunteers in the community who alerted via SMS in the event of cardiac arrest, road accident, fire and drowning.

Listen to the rescue lecture, practicing cardiopulmonary resuscitation, see our local emergency equipment that we have here in Holm M. M.

Are you interested in helping people in need i din närhet och bli en bli förstärkt medmänniska i Holm. Then you are also welcome on Thursday! If so, write your information This form, and came on education.

When: Thursday 13/2 at. 18:00
Where: Församlingshemmet Anundgård

Learn more about Enhanced neighbor and repeat your knowledge
CPR or see what you can do if someone goes down in a hole in the ice M.M.. of .

SVT and long-distance skating enthusiasts visited Holmsjön

SVT visited Holmsjön.

This weekend also visited the Swedish Television and interviewed travelers who had traveled far to experience ice skating on Holmsjön.

Once on the lake were several gangs out on ice skates. Long-distance skating compound Sundsvall, LFSS, was one of them. Among other things Owe Eliasson of Sunnansjö one of the participants and skating past the story.

Another group was significantly more far away. Right from Stockholm had traveled to experience ice skating on Holmsjön and some other rivers in the region.

Here you can see SVT's reportage from Holmsjön.

Read the previous article about the ice skating o see the film rides on Holmsjön.