Anund Farm and Vike jogging / skiing tracks

Anund FARM jogging track

For those who want to take a refreshing skiing or a nice summer walk are two trails open year round. A shorter slightly hilly and illuminated track in Anundgård of 2.5 km. In addition there is a longer alternate tracks 8km (t.o.r.) from Anundgård to Österström, vilket ansluter det kortare.Suitable locations for start / finish with good parking facilities are Holm Vallen, Anund Farm School and Österströms Estate. Wintertime is kept continuously tracks in good condition when snowfall permits. To the right you will always find the current track status. Electric lighting is automatically and stays on until the clock 22:00.

Contact for information:
Max Wikholm 070-669 44 52

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 Holm Vallenses track Map
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Vike Relay, annually skidarrangemang in Vike.

In Vike is a 2,5 kilometers of trails known for its annual stafettävlingar. The track is illuminated and the start and finish at Vike school. You can also choose a shorter loop 1 km. The track operated by Vike-profit association.


Lighting the lighting done manually with the help of supplements under the lamp at the bakery, see the sign in place. The lights turn off automatically 21:30.


Contact for information:
Holger Sahlin 0692- 500 38


For more information, including maps, etc.. found on skidspå Skidspå / Vasternorrland / pulp / Vike

What is the skiing conditions?
Detailed local weather forecast for Holm in the coming days you will see during weather.

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