Vaccination in Holm Thursday 30/11 at 11-15

On Thursday, there is vaccination at Anundgård's school. At the, both royalty and ordinary people are warmly welcome! Photo: Sara Friberg/King. The court states

On Thursday 30/11 at 11-15 is it okay to get vaccinated at Anundgård's school?! Then the Region's Mobile team will come to Holm. Everyone who is current for vaccination against covid and/or influenza, ie say +65 and risk groups or younger people who have not received a booster dose in the last few years 9 months, are warmly welcome. No booking or pre-registration required. At the same time, we will have extra opening hours at the café throughout, so it's fine to have a cup of coffee before or after.


There has been a drastic increase in covid cases during the autumn, with Västernorrlands being among the worst affected.



Going out to more places is a way to reach out to more people, says Malin Plantin Sjöblom, who is vaccination coordinator at Region Västernorrland. In the past, they have, among other things,. been to Hemsön and the other day in Viksjö and next week it's time in Holm. See video here.

Holmbygdens Utveckling has been working for a long time to create a so-called health room/community room in Holm and this will be a bit of an inauguration of the health room. There, we hope to be able to make it possible in the future to take blood samples, blood pressure, weigh and vaccinate toddlers and more.

Read more about what applies to vaccination
Questions and answers about vaccination against covid-19 — Public Health Agency
Questions and answers about influenza vaccination — Public Health Agency
Questions about the vaccination and the premises in Holm – Holm Appliance Development

Jessica Falk and Jan Johansen release the single “There’s always love”

The cover of Jan Johansen and Jessika Falk's new single.

This weekend Jan Johansen released, known for, among other things “Look at me”, and Jessika Falk from Holm, the single “There’s always love”! It started with them both talking before a concert and soon they found a common interest in country music.
– There's Always Love captured my heart and I am extremely happy to sing it together with Jessica. I am very satisfied with the result, says Jan Johansen.

Read more about their meeting and how the song came about mynewsdesk's press release.

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The process continues for the new Högsvedjan wind farm at Hullsjön

Högsvedjan's planned wind power area with planned buildings around it, according to SCA's current consultation document. SCA is now inviting the public to information on the last of November and in the next few days the municipality is expected to say what they think of the plans.

2023-11-24 Villages protest against new wind turbines
Features about the wind power plans in Swedens radio Today.

LEAVE COMMENTS about the municipality's new wind power plans here the municipality's e-service.

2023-11-23 Debate article about SCA's new wind power plans
Debate article about the plans for the neighborhood park Tjärdalsberget i Sundsvall's Newspaper.

2023-11-20 Referral to Holmbygdens Development
Now there is also the municipality's referral document which has been sent out to concerned parties, such as our association, added among the underpinnings at the bottom of the page.

2023-11-17 The municipality's decision
Now the municipality of Sundsvall has decided to let SCA proceed with the plans for both parks Högsvedjan at Hullsjön and Tjärdalsberget at Nedansjö. Se Plan- and the Development Committee meeting minutes here about the proposal to add the areas to the general plan. When the consultation is complete, it remains for the Municipal Council to decide whether to adopt these areas.
See the basis for decisions at the bottom of this page.

SCA has continued with the process and the plans for the Högsvedjan wind farm at Lake Hull with 22 st 290m high wind turbines. Högsvedjan was included in it name collection which was made against the proposed parks in and around Holm. Yesterday had Plan- and the development committee meeting and the municipality of Sundsvall will probably shortly announce their position on the issue of whether or not the works should be.
Holmbygdens Utveckling monitors the wind power issue for its members (feel free to become a member!) and last winter we had a meeting with SCA. The aim was to have an early dialogue where we could present our views and most things then pointed to SCA going ahead with two of the planned parks, but that we “this time we would get away” a wind farm along the southern side of Holmsjön.

Tjärdalsberget north of Nedansjö is also planned further
Except for Högsvedjan, the plans for the Tjärdalsberget wind farm also continue 22 work, north of Nedansjö. SCA's informed the municipality of Sundsvall and the County Administrative Board about the continuation of these park projects in a scoping consultation on 28/9.
Thursday 30/11 waiting for the next consultation with the public in Stödehuset.

Plans for wind power along the southern side of Holmsjön remain
The plans for wind power on the south side of Lake Holmsjön, Anundgårdsåsen-Långåsen, remains and has not been shut down. Right now these are paused by SCA (Eolus who was previously involved, is no longer involved in the collaboration). Holmbygdens Development has notified the municipality that we are against the construction of wind power both on Anundgårdsåsen and on Tjärdalsberget by Hullsjön, and that the association stands behind it collection of names and the solid basis where this was thoroughly justified.

The ground height for the wind turbines on Tjärdalsberget varies between approx 200-450 meters above sea level. The works at Högsvedjan by Hullsjön will have a hub of approx 205 m height and a total height of 290 meter (The Eiffel Tower measures 330m), you 100 meters higher than the wind turbines on the adjacent Nylandsbergen.
The top of the wingtips can thus reach between 490 to 740 meters above sea level, while the height of the hub can reach up to 655 meters above sea level. image: SCA's consultation document.

The municipality's approval is required to build according to ÖP2040
Prior to the municipality's adoption of the ÖP overview plan 2040 (Appendix 5 like 32) can all comments received on the municipality's master plan be read against the construction of wind power at Anundgårdsåsen-Långåsen at Holmsjön and Högsvedjan at Holmsjön. The the collection of names in about 1000 signatures which was made is also mentioned.

In the municipality's summary response to the comments received (gets. 4) it is noted that “there is great opposition to wind power in the locations that were presented in the consultation document” and while waiting for new legislation and in-depth work, they then waited to approve new areas in ÖP 2040.

The steps in the permit process were presented as follows the act of consultation. One of the most decisive steps is whether the municipality approves the area as possible in its general planning, of which a clear indication will be given in the coming days.

Decision made on the direction of the municipality
The process is long, but already this week it can be clear where it is “to fight” in the municipality's decision. Yesterday Tuesday 14/11 convened The municipal board's plan- and development committee and likely to be published tomorrow/the day after tomorrow where the municipality stands on the issue of construction or not at Högsvedjan and Tjärdalsberget.

SCA has already announced to move on to the next step
Already yesterday Tuesday, at the same time as the municipality's meeting was finished, let SCA announce that it is now moving on to the next step and intends to apply for a so-called environmental permit for both wind farms – Tjärdalsberget and Högsvedjan. In order to build, you need a permit and municipal approval according to the Environmental Code. The application for an environmental permit is examined by the county administrative board's environmental review delegation. When the environmental assessment is completed, the municipality must approve the location of the wind farm, in order for permission to be issued.

The consultation document shows that within the area there are 25 identified objects of natural value within the area.


Read more
14/11 -23 SCA:
Invitation to boundary consultation
13/11 -23 The forest giant wants to build here 44 wind turbines
20/9 -21: Feel free to leave a small calendar note for any event or event like shall come 1000 Feel free to leave a small calendar note for any event or event like shall come 2040

Comments can be submitted via The e-service here for the municipality of Sundsvall ang. wind.

Basis (pdf) to Plan- and the development committee's decision
20/11 -23: Referral to consultation proposal for solar- and wind power in the Overview Plan 2040
14/11 -23: Minutes and decisions meeting Plan- and the development committee
18/10 -23: Cover letter sol- and wind power in the Sundsvall General Plan 2040
14/11 -23: Sol- and wind power Consultation act – PLU 231114
24/10 -23: Durability assessment & Environmental Impact Statement AFRY
22/8 -23: Visibility analysis for wind power
-23: Map of planned works (Select under Planning basis; The winery college, Processed)
-23: Map but consultation document (Click at the top t.v. of “Consultation solar and wind power”)
-23: Overview plan 2040 “OP2040” – Ongoing general planning

SCA's documents for the wind farms
22/9 -23: Consultation document for Högsvedjan wind farm
Views on SCA's consultation, last 230119:
22/9 -23: Consultation document for Tjärdalsberget wind farm
Views on SCA's consultation, last 230119:

The development of an overview plan 2040
1/7 -22: Consultation report for the Sundsvall Master Plan 2040 March 2022
The solid the substrate which was sent with the nomination form from Holm, the municipality has not included under the comments received and at point No. 230 the municipality does not mention how many subdivisions were included (as it does in another petition, No. 117).

Family gym on Saturdays!

Come and activate yourself and the little ones with mischief and fun in the gymnasium on Saturdays!

Welcome to a good start to the weekend with family gym! Fits all
families with children up to 6-7 year. Isa Höglin holds the baton, which promises mischief and fun for the little ones.

Time: 10.00 -11.00
Location: Anund Manor School, gymnasium (entrance via the gym on the south long side)
Equipment: Indoor shoes/something good for the feet, preferably with a water bottle! We will arrange the rest.

PS: You can easily find what is happening and where Holm calendars! It is also possible to sync with the mobile's calendar.