Telia remove fixed telephony

TeliaSonera will spend some smaller fixed exchanges, including our station in Loviken. This means that fixed telephony will be removed.

Consequences for Us:
Many of us use the fixed phone as a backup in case disaster strikes. We have a poor reception on our mobiles and usually have poor speed mobile internet (3G).

What should we require? Should we accept that they dismantle our network (once built with tax money)? Should we require a “Repeaters” at our house that guarantees our mobile coverage?

I suggest that we discuss the issue further at meeting at the parish house on Wednesday.

Erik Forsberg, Loviken 142
070-655 44 72


Telia's coverage map – telfoni car / sms / mms (recovered 121202) zoomba karta on

<– Map Color Key.


Telia's coverage map – mobile Internet (recovered 121202) zoomba karta on
Maximum speeds with different techniques (the best prerequisites holder):
Mb/s = Megabit per sekund. (1 Byte = 8 bits.)

4G+ = 80 Mb/s. also known as LTE-advanced. “Riktig 4G”.
4G = 40 Mb/s. also known as LTE (3G med 3GPP-engineering) or 3.9G.
Turbo-3G + = 10-32 Mb/s. also known as HSDPA/HSUPA, 3.5G.
Turbo-3G = 6 Mb/s. also known as HSPA, 3.5G
3G = 2 Mb/s. also known as UMTS, 3G.
Edge (GSM) = 0,2 Mb/s. Also called 2.5G.
GPRS (GSM) = 0,1 Mb/s (not on the map). Also called 2.5G.

(1G = Former NMT 450- old. 900-The net, 2G = GSM-The net.)

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