Do YOU ​​want to be a lifesaver in Holm?

Notify participation (my. 8 pers.) Thomas Åslin, ring / SMSA: 070-191 04 99

Take a chance on Sunday at. 13-17 going training if you want to want to become a "Safety Car" or "Lifeguard". You can then spring 2013 choose to register with your mobile number. This is completely voluntary and you are under no obligation to assist in case of an accident, BUT there is a possibility!

The training is organized by Medelpad Rescue Association and is free of charge. Holm comes along with some other experimental varieties smslivraddare Holms hjärtstartare    nu i tjänst!To be on the forefront of national expansion and further development of a system that had previously only been on trial in Stockholm.
Read more about SMSlivräddare.

The training covers:

  • Brand
  • Disposal in traffic accident
  • Drowning Incidents
  • Heart- & CPR with AED

When an accident happens in Holm or presumed cardiac arrest as above, SOS Alarm sending an sms in the area that the victim is in. Is there anyone who signed up and are around he may one income and have the opportunity to help.

Often the simplest actions important, only they are rapidly. Detta gör systemet så viktigt för just Holm p.g.a. that when an accident is usually about. 20-60 minutes from the nearest emergency service.

Want to become a volunteer security person?? Welcome to Holm Vallen Sunday 16/12 kclock as 13.00-17.00 as, (minimiantal 8 st).

Service/Emergency Information for Holm
hittas lätt via “” längst upp på startsidan.
10/5 Demonstration of Holm's new defibrillator 15/5!
22/5 Holm's defibrillator - now in service!

Kontact with questions:
Medelpad Rescue Services
Thomas Åslin, Fire Inspector / Internal Officers
070-191 04 99

Read more about the project, CLICK HERE.

People in rural areas can not be reached the same level of protection against accidents that people in urban areas. The municipality's citizens should have "equal protection" against accidents and this project intends to better reach this goal.

1.1 Bakgrund
Rural areas have less protection against accidents than urban areas where full- and contingency forces based in areas with higher population density. Without more preventive measures and enabling civil society's ability to first response is achieved not part of the Law on Protection against Accidents.

Better protection against accidents in the countryside through support for the individual.

1.2 Projektmål

  1. Develop a concept for protection against accidents in rural. The concept will be based on the knowledge of the most embarrassing accidents in rural and measures (counseling, information, supervision etc.) to reduce and manage these. Presenting concept idea for Management Team MRF last October 2012.
  2. Searching channels thereby training and information can be operated systematically, and through these to find individuals who want to be local "security people" (consider the name for these people). The number depending on interest and the size of the community
  3. During October-December 2012, pilots carry the concept of at least 3-5 communities in urban areas in rural.
  4. January-February 2013, evaluate the project and its ability to develop work for a lasting process of MRF and how FIP from municipal staff can complete protection against accidents. The evaluation should also include the possibility of SMS alarms or similar that can be sent to the "security people" as well as opportunities to introduce several places after been agreed upon requirements criteria (example 30 min to action by municipal fire). Arbetet sammanställs i rapport och presenteras för ledningsgruppen MRF senast februari 2013.

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