Rally back in Holm on Saturday

It was a few years ago, but in Saturday's again rally back above Kylmäoja, or perhaps better known as Lillsjövägen the ridge. According to weather curve there will be sunshine and a few degrees below zero. A perfect day for snowmobiling with fireplace and hot dogs at the side of the road to watch the rally cars that swishar past.

Saturday's rally on 16/2 is an important leg of the contest Star Svängen. First föråkare, about 12.45 and the first contestant about 13.15. The start is from “The ridge-held” and the 70 cars are notified. Launch takes about 1,5 hour to pass.

Be alert to officials' instructions and do not stand in dangerous places. There are notices at the start and finish of this! It's good to be out in time so that you have time to take place before.

A popular place with good visibility often has usually been ungeför opposite the boat ramp at Anundgård Lake, above the height of the curve. Be alert at any. crossing the road!

Starting and more information
www.proffsteknik.se / Rally.

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