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Attempts to contact neighbors o home owners during the Midsummer weekend and next weekend. Then we will submit an inquiry to Bynet and quickly draw up a map and begin to calculate!!

Number of reported so far
Fagerviksbyn-Gimåfors-Depth Pipe-Loviken 53 st, Vike 4st, Anundgård 2p, Östbyn 9 st, Österström-Inclination 25 st, Sunnansjö-South Ösbyn 6 st.
Total 85 st.

One possibility to get TV,Internet and IP telephony via fiber to a monthly cost fr.300:- Many households today have cost about 400-800:-/Mon. An investment of 20-25000:- provides an interest rate of below 50:-/Mon. The property significantly increases in value more ... mM.

To get an idea of ​​the number of interested, we want you decide to join the Association and sign up on this list. The membership fee is 100 crowns + a stake in the investigation of 100 kr, total 200 crowns.

You do not bind you to anything more before you got to decide calculations and other facts and decided you to take out a subscription.

Information required is name, Address, Name of property, Mail, Tel No.

Stefan Maina 070-303 31 66

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