HSK victory in yesterday's match Bonna

There was no höjdartillställning as it were treated to when the teams from the countryside made up last night. Holm visited Stöde 2/Nedansjö on Wednesday night. Once again, Holm an undistinguished action when resistance is not the best. In the end, however, the guests pull together and win with relatively clear 4-2. But it was the home side who took the lead 9:e minutes after keeper for the day, Thomas Åslin, dropped into a ball that is already thought he had under control. Then you could in Holm camp feared that this would not be an easy trip… Read the full report of proceedings at holmssk.se /alaget.

Goal (Assist) Holms SK: Donald Gissberg, Patrik Mattsson (Janne Sölve Steel), Dennis Fresh (Emil Westberg), Niklas Wikholm.
Man Of The Match *: Rasmus Staaf.
*Appointed always by Holm-goers. Idag respresenterad av Fredrik.

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