MFF board visiting Holms Sportklubb

MFFOn Saturday 10/8 visit Medelpads Football Association Board Holm Sportklubb. The visit will be a full day of Holm and the program included a meeting with the HSK Board and leader of Österström. Which will include football's survival in rural areas to be discussed. After this information native compound on its activities, then there will be visits to Holm Vallen div 5 match between HSK – Alno 2.

Even PRO Holm and HBU will inform about their activities. The activities concluded with a dinner in Sunnansjö. ST and Dagbladet are informed about the meeting.

The kick-off for this weekend's home game is at. 15:00.
A match where Holm SK stand between remain seventh in the table, or even the profit to climb up to second place. See tabelläget on / table.

All Medelpad kind of series and tables can also be followed on

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