CONCERT: Jessica Falk plays with music legends

On Saturday, the 7 Sept. plays Jessica Falk with his band Flaming Hearts in Sollefteå. Evening in honor of the concert also visited by music legend Chalie McCoy visiting from Nashville. Among many known as the world's best on the harmonica and have worked with the greatest artists such as Elvis, Cash, Dylan, Parton and others.

NEW: Bus from Holm to Sollefteå
As many fans from Holm will go ready HBU common bus. Rooms are limited and first come first served.

17:10 Inclination
17:15 Anund Farm
17:30 Liden
18:40 Sollefteå
Register your interest here as soon as you want to go! Alternatively emailing or smsa / ring 0730-332944.

When your message gets sent
a confirmation to your email.

Registration is binding.

Book a concert ticket through Hullsta Farm tel. 0620-100 94.
240kr, numbered seats.

Come see Jessica Falks band with Charlie McCoy!

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