Autumn Series been drawn Holms SK

Six teams will compete for 4:an
The Holm's advantage, only seven of the eight teams that can go up in Div. 4. Medelpads Football Association announces that IFK Sundsvall 3 can not advance in years, read why below. Probably also Fränsta IK avhängda and should not constitute a threat to the smooth top battle. Thus, it looks to be six teams left that make up the Division 4 2014.

Now the autumn season well favored for Medelpadsgatan Football. As the Holms SK came in the top half of the series qualifies the team to Division 5 Men Fall and as such may be fighting for promotion to the fourth grade. With him from the regular season, taking the law 75 % of their points with them, which previous meetings against the weaker teams will be less important than autumn rounds in the playoffs.

Incredibly smooth playoffs
It will be a very evenly playoffs this fall when seven of the eight teams are within only three points. Anything can happen and every game becomes incredibly important. IFK Sundsvall 3 can not go up because they already have a team in fourth grade and you are only allowed one team per club per series. If however IFK 2 go out 4:an (which they promise to do right now) they would not have understood it. However, it is not possible to “meet in the elevator”, so that IFK 2 and 3 interchanged between Div. 4 and 5. Without IFK 3 go in this case down to Div. 6 (if there is no such, a later chapter…).

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Autumn finals table today

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