Holm boys played a draw again

It continues to go heavy for Holm in autumn playoffs in div 5. Today they met IFK Sundsvall tredjelag on Baldershof and it just languished in a tie. This was a match we should have won in terms of how the game was. They had the event under relatively good control but could not tie up the. Again ended, however, in 2-0 a disadvantage before you could get some dividends. 1-0 came on penalty since Kristoffer Sahlén precipitated a IFK player. This happened in the 22:a min. 5 minutes later it was time for… Read the full match report of proceedings at holmssk.se /alaget.

“Niklas Wikholms hat-trick was not enough for victory…”
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Scoring HSK: Niklas Wikholm x 3 (ass. Karri Ahokas, Emil Westberg, Dennis Fresh).
Man Of The Match *:
Rasmus Staaf.
*Appointed always by Holm-goers. Today respresenterad Rolf Lindahl o Co.
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Next game: Matfors IF – Holms SK, 16:00 Sunday 22/9 Thule Vallen.

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