200 asylum seekers to Johan Stendahl “skandalhus” i Holm!?

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This is an article about the planned asylum accommodation in Holm 2013. In addition, further down the page, a huge loop has been added with links about Skandalhusen, Johan Stendahl, Michael Sterner and all the companies involved in the scandal; Håkan Larsson Bilkonsult AB, Aros Energy declarations, Swedish Local Heritage Properties, Fagerhyltan, Toboholm, Master Bob Collection, Storsjön Fastigheter m. fl.

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HBU appeared on the radio this week (listen below) and answered questions regarding the proposed asylum Lodging in Holm. Even Tenants were by and confirmed that the same criminal who previously been behind the properties in Holm still claims to be behind them. The owners were invited, but did not participate.

156 asylum seekers to Holm in the Migration Board allocation decisions
The past week there have been many tours around the planned asylum accommodation Holm. The origin is the Migration Board allocation decisions the 27/8 for the procurement of Framework for temporary lodging. Company Aros Energy certification AB has there been approved (Read criteria) for an invitation to place 156 asylum seekers Holm at the so-called “Senior home” and “Teachers' residences”. Know ev. placement of refugees in such accommodations in Sweden Holm stands first in line when the offer was clearly the cheapest at 87.50 SEK. We have tried to gather what has been said about the properties and asylum Lodging.
9/9 -13 ST: Read the article “Old house in the thick of”.

Is this appropriate?!
HBU has tried to get a picture of what Holm residents think about it. More who want to add their views or engage in one way or another welcome. From what we've heard so far, we have concluded that it is not appropriate for several reasons.

  • In Anundgård live about 100 people. The number of asylum seekers would more than double the population and far too big for such a small village to manage. The people who come from a ravaged war has great need of help. Help missing in Holm and infrastructure is poor. They can not buy food locally. The form of temporary accommodation with circulation of new people would also hamper integration in the village.
  • It is difficult to see how to meet Migration Board's requirements that a maximum of four (4) beds for adults to be accommodated by multiple, and that each person should have at least 5 sqm of living space in the bedroom. The calculations do not add up when many of the apartments have very small rooms.
  • We have seen how the prospective properties mishandled and today they have great need of renovation. Water Damage, broken element absence of stove and fridge are some examples. Craftsmen made job has not been paid for their jobs and the owner suspected the figure in the background has been convicted of a variety of crimes. As late as the spring 2013 disallowed the properties of the Migration Board Inspection.
  • Tenants have been neglected and have been abused over the years and not now take the landlord care of their tenants. Seven families with over 20 children have had to leave the district, which hit our school hard. Today, electricity is still off in some areas the residents have the right to. The risk is great that even the applicant will be mishandled, while the owners earn huge sums of money, as 5 million per year (87,5 per person / day x 365 = 4 982 250 kr).

Listen to HBU in P4 Morning
Listen to the story on asylum accommodation in Holm with Tulla Maja, Ann and Niklas P4 Morning. Participants are representatives of the Swedish Migration Board and Tenants Association. chairman of Holm Appliance Development Tulla-Maja and Niklas P4 Morning.Niklas Wikholm answers Holm how residents view of developments and the current tenant of senior home residents explaining the situation in today.
Aros Energy declarations were invited, but did not participate.
Reportage about Holm after 02:13:40-02:56:00 (HBU answer questions; 02:21:00).

Nonperforming real estate – then and now
Power outages in the property p.g.a. the property owner does not pay the electric bill (photo: SR/Anna Ahlström), The properties have been closer to ten years mismanaged and many families who lived in them were forced to move from Holm p.g.a. of problems with the properties and handling. The current owners Aros Energy declarations say they have now taken over in August 2013, but they have not even informed of any change of ownership to the inherent. They are not registered as owner in the land register. The new company, however, has already managed to neglect their current tenants in Anundgård and allowed them to be without electricity at home for two weeks p.g.a. the company's unpaid bills. Still, parts of areas without electricity. The washing machine is still without power today, then eight weeks.

Listen to the radio clip here..
Listen when the tenant a tour of the planned accommodation.
Tenant: “We have been without electricity for seven weeks” (2:25 sek)
9/9: Read SR's article about the accommodation and listen to the story in place with tenant.
14/6 2009 ST: A previous tenant who had probably wrote a letter to ST.

Another owner “behind the controls” than on paper – Johan Stendahl
Over the past decenniumet properties have been owned by several different companies on paper, but with similar recurring worries and the same man “behind the controls”. This, according to SVT as pointed out earlier the true owner Johan Stendahl. SVT states that he exists in a long series of judgments. Everything from serious economic crime to assault and child custody. Recently, he was sentenced to 6 months including assault and unlawful threats. At Both & Rent is he blacklisted and named one of Sweden's worst landlords. Tenants Association says Johan Stendahl in talks with them in August this time said to represent the owners of the properties in Holm.
10/9 Dagbladet: Read on “dubious ownership changes” on construction sites.
Read more about Johan Stendahl at Home & Rent

SVT uppmärsammar involvement in several places and several companies
Reportage i SVT.
SVT examines the company Aros Energy certification AB who sought the tender in Holm.
See clip of reportage in the window below. See the whole element of Aros Energy. this (5 my).

Municipality Head Bracke in on his blog noted that Aros Energy declarations also been active in those. In Bracke they have sought bids to house the refugees in the so-called. Björknäsgården. The only problem is that they do not own or have access property. There are also links to another company called “Firma Tea Widéen“. Incredibly, founded this company 31/7 and the closing date of the tender was 24/6. They are thought to have submitted applications for the tender to the Migration Board before they existed. This company has also sought bids for a municipally owned property in Bracke called “pupil impaired” (western Kungsvägen 61 Bracke).
10/9 SVT Mittnytt: HE whole (5 my) element of Aros Energy. – “Hank accommodation of asylum”.
10/9 SVT News: Read about Hank SVT News.
30/8 Municipal Director: Bengt Flykts blog about Aros Energy declarations and Tea Wideen.
31/8 LT Jämtland: The municipality unaware 320 new asylum accommodation


Links about Skandalhusen, Johan Stendahl, Michael Sterner and all the companies involved in the scandal; Håkan Larsson Bilkonsult AB, Aros Energy declarations, Swedish Local Heritage Properties, Fagerhyltan, Toboholm, Master Bob Collection, Storsjön Fastigheter m. fl.

updated 150916.

15/9 SVT Västernorrland: No refugees to Holm
15/9 Sundsvall's Newspaper: No new refugee centers in Medelpad
15/9 SR P4: News in Västernorrland 15:30

17/8 Holmbygden.se: SVT: New owner Håkan Larsson lied on television about Johan Stendahl
12/8 SVT Nyheter Västernorrland: "Is the firm flawless, we can not do anything"
7/8 SVT Nyheter Västernorrland: Financier may be behind the accommodation
6/8 Holmbygden.se: SVT: Håkan Larsson prepare "Stendahl skandalhus" for the Swedish Migration Board
6/8 SVT Nyheter Västernorrland: Asylum Accommodation again in the current scandal houses.

23/5 Holmbygden.se: 200 asylum seekers to “Stendahls Skandalhus”?

21/5 Both & Rent: Rental Ban scandal host

15/5 SR P4: Interview with HBU on the planned asylum accommodation Listen!, Read the news.
15/5 SR P4: Reports from Anundgård and interviews with residents. Listen!
15/5 SVT Nyheter Västernorrland: “Skandalhusen” the news again
13/5 Sundsvall's Newspaper: Several new refugee centers planned

14/11 Both & Rent: Benny has got back panel - after three months

19/10 SR P4 Uppland: Property owners must fix the neglected house in Tobo
17/10 Both & Rent:
Aros folds in the Rent Tribunal
23/9 Both & Rent: Rent Tribunal visiting in Tobo

21/8 Both & Rent: No asylum accommodation in Holm
21/8 Both & Rent: No asylum accommodation in Tobo Aros Energy declarations

11/7 Both & Rent: Without hot water since April

19/6 Both & Rent: Aros Energy declarations required on the 200 000 SEK penalty

22/5 Both & Rent: Values ​​obliged 184 000 – portion off

6/5 Both & Rent: Aros Energy declarations threatening tenants with dismissal

1/4 Both & Rent: Aros Energideklarationers inspection was not approved

12/3 SR – The County News: Normally a week Listen!
12/3 SR – Afternoon P4 Västernorrland: Interview with the Tenants Association Listen!
13/3 SR – The County News: Property sealed cabinet Listen!
13/3 Sweden Radio.se: The electricity is turned off at Benny in Anundgård
13/3 Both & Rent: Family with children without electricity for a week
13/3 SR – Afternoon P4 Västernorrland: Intervju med E.on Listen!
14/3 Both & Rent: Values ​​refuses to pay - now offers the power utility company

14/2 Both & Rent: Aros Energideklarationers inspection was not approved
5/2 SVT Uppland: Vite threatens property owners TV spots
5/2 Both & Rent: Hot on knowing at least 50 000 the landlord in Tobo

30/1 Both & Rent: Stendahl and Tenants Association met in court
23/1 Arbetarbladet: Requires a reduced rent for errors in apartments
22/1 Both & Rent: 32-old woman new CEO of Aros Energy declarations
21/1 Arbetarbladet: Inspected not the faults of the houses in time
3/1 KISS: “It is my opinion that Johan Stendahl appears in the background”
3/1 KISS: Want to make the apartment building to the asylum accommodation

17/12: Arbetarbladet: Sell ​​Prohibition of houses
11/12 SVT Mittnytt: regional news 19:30 See the whole element of the workers in Holm
11/12 SVT Mittnytt: Construction workers were left
11/12 SVT Mittnytt: General sharply critical
11/12 SVT Mittnytt: Difficult working investigate responsibility
11/12 After three SR: Further reports of interviewed Holmbor in SR's After three (10 my)
11/12 SR card element: Abandoned construction workers in Holm
11/12 SR: The County News 09:30

6/12 Both & Rent: Aros Energy declarations did not go through inspection
3/12 Arbetarbladet: The Swedish Migration Board: “There will be no asylum accommodation Tobo”
26/11 Arbetarbladet: In Tobohusen they live on the jump
25/11 KISS: Migration Board investigates companies
25/11 KISS: Here, they want to start a refugee accommodation
25/11 KISS: Several tours around the asylum accommodations in Bracke and Strömsund
25/11 KISS: To start asylum accommodations - but no agreement
21/11 Arbetarbladet: Tenants ejected from their homes
20/11 SVT Debate: Protect tenants against irresponsible hosts
20/11 SVT Missions Review: Tenants in Tobo struggling actions
20/11 SR P4 Uppland: Accommodation at Skolvägen “You leave the houses adrift”
20/11 property News: Mandate Review in Tierp
20/11 Both & Rent: Scandal houses in Tobo in Mission Review
19/11 Arbetarbladet: Mold and moisture worn Tobohus
14/11 Both & Rent: Migration Board examines Aros Energy declarations closer
12/11 Holmbygden.se: Migration Board commented "scandal houses" in news reports
12/11 Holmbygden.se: SVT Mittnytt: More and more questions in Holm
11/11 Holmbygden.se: The Swedish Migration Board: No asylum accommodation "scandal houses"
11/11 ST: Deficiencies stops asylum accommodation
10/11 Holmbygden.se: Marcus Hamberg denies any involvement in Aros Energy declarations
8/11 Upplands News: Building Trades Week 45
7/11 Holmbygden.se: Sundsvall Municipality received asylum accommodation in Holm
7/11 ST: “No asylum accommodation in Holm”
7/11 SR: Interview with municipal manager Stefan Söderlund (at the time 03:19:18)
7/11 SR: The County News on asylum accommodation in Holm (at the time 02:12)
7/11 SR: Migration Board will look at municipal data (at 00:27)
27/10 SR P4 Uppland: Mold and water damage should be removed in Tobo
25/10 SR:
The rescue criticizes asylum accommodation in Holm
21/10 Both & Rent: Many questions about Aros Energy certification
17/10 Holmbygden.se: Aros Energy declarations under fire in more locations
16/10 Both & Rent: Aros Energy declarations to start the asylum accommodation in Tobo
14/10 Holmbygden.se: New connections between Aros Energy certification AB and Johan Stendahl
10/10 Holmbygden.se: Aros Energy certification AB lied to the Migration Board in the application.
9/10 Holmbygden.se: Media monitors scandal houses and Aros Energy certification AB.
8/10 Both & Rent: Poor profitability reason for sale
7/10 Both & Rent: Fagerhyltan sold Tobo-house without informing tenants

4/10 Holmbygden.se: Migration Board inspect properties.

19/9 Holmbygden.se:
Now you can see SVT's investigative reports about Aros Energy declarations below.
17/9 Holmbygden.se: 156 asylum seekers to “scandal houses” i Holm!?
16/9 SR: Migration Board examines ownership behind planned asyboende in Anundgård
16/9 Dagbladet: The Swedish Migration Board is investigating the owner of the houses scandal
12/9 The Swedish Migration Board Award decision appealed

Previous articles, radio- and TV features about the scandal houses in Holm m.m.:
16/9 2013 SR: Migration Board examines ownership behind planned asyboende in Anundgård
16/9 2013 Dagbladet: The Swedish Migration Board is investigating the owner of the houses scandal
12/9 2013 The Swedish Migration Board Award decision appealed
10/9 2013 SVT Mittnytt: see full (5 my) element of Aros Energy. – “Hank accommodation of asylum”.
10/9 2013 SVT Mittnytt: Hank accommodation of asylum.
10/9 2013 SVT Mittnytt:
see full (5 my) element; – “Hank accommodation of asylum”.
10/9 2013 Dagbladet: Read on “dubious ownership changes” on construction sites.
9/9 2013 ST: Read the article “Old house in the thick of”.
9/9: 2013 SR: Read SR's article about the accommodation and listen to the story in place with tenant.
30/8 2013 Municipal Director: Bengt Flykts blog of Aros Energidekl. and Tea Wideen.
20/2 2013 Dagbladet:
Scandal houses in Holm can become asylum housing
20/2 2013 Dagbladet: Have debts 35 million of the steward
20/4 2012 ST: Now emptied houses in Holm
1/11 2011 ST: Unclear what happens to the houses
4/8 2011 ST: Controversial house has new owners
16/1 2011 ST: Controversial teacher homes abandoned.
14/6 2009 ST: Why police reports find us tenants?
1/6 2009 SVT News: No administration in Holm
18/5 2009: Accommodation Holm evicted by the landlord
11/5 2009: SVT News: “The criticism is unfair”
8/5 2009 SVT News: Convicted felon behind the scandal houses
7/5 2009 SVT News: Many errors in skandalhus
4/4 2009 SVT News: Tenants' Association is trying to get receivership
3/5 2009 SVT News: Mismanaged apartment building in Holm
24/3 2009 ST: Real estate companies threatened receivership

Migration Board's decision regarding the allocation. asylum temporary accommodations
12/9 The Swedish Migration Board: Award decision appealed
30/8 The Swedish Migration Board: Award decision taken in the procurement of temporary accommodation
26/5 The Swedish Migration Board : Framework agreement on temporary accommodation, criteria and ranking mM.

Read more about Stendahls properties and scandals in other cities

Hammerdal / Bracke / Morse, Jamtland:
1/3 2011 LT: Tenants involved in Toboholm Properties' bankruptcy

Hammerdal, Jamtland:
10/1 2010 LT: “The criticism is nonsense”
10/1 2010 LT: Sold the company to get rid of the problem Stendahl
8/1 2010 LT: Blacklisted Toboholm owns several properties in the county
7/1 2010 LT: New apartment building occurs after LT:the product
5/1 2010 LT: "The landlord ignores everything except the rent"
5/1 2010 LT: The landlord notorious throughout the country

Tobo, Hinterland:
19/11 2013 Arbetarbladet: Mold and moisture worn Tobohus
14/11 2013 Both & Rent: Migration Board examines Aros Energy declarations closer
21/10 2013 Both & Rent: Many questions about Aros Energy certification
16/10 2013 Both & Rent: Aros Energy declarations to start the asylum accommodation in Tobo
8/10 2013 Both & Rent: Poor profitability reason for sale
7/10 2013 Both & Rent: Fagerhyltan sold Tobo-house without informing tenants
18/2 2013 Both & Rent: Concern that Johan Stendahl will come back to Tobo
8/3 2013 Both & Rent: Scandal Host thinks Meeting Home & Rent
Johan Dahl Stan turns to that he called one of Sweden's worst landlords and economic crime ment. According to SVT, he is guilty of serious economic cases, beatings and threats. Johan Stendahl is also obliged taxpayers over 30 million.
2/3 2013 Arbetarbladet: Concerns blacklisted landlord
18/2 2013 Both & Rent: Concern that Johan Stendahl will come back to Tobo
Fagerhyltan have sold a house in Tobo without informing tenants. The buyer has ties to the notorious landlord Johan Stendahl.
12/2 2013 Both & Rent: Scandal host matches Tenants Association at 22,5 million. kr
According J. Stendahl's Tenants Association's fault that his company went bankrupt.
27/10 2012 Arbetarbladet: Problems in Tobohus be fixed
Tenants in Tobo have complained about the damp and mold.

But the landlord claims not to have received any reported errors.
26/10 2012 Arbetarbladet:
Petter house expire
They live among mold and water damage - six years.
Despite the new landlord continues houses in Tobo to decay.
24/10 2012 Both & Rent: The problems continue for tenants in Tobo
Fagerhyltan Fastigheter AB took over as landlord and a hope kindled by tenants. The not renovated as promised… The list of shortcomings which the tenants had to live with the past few years is long. This is one of the bathrooms where mold growing on the walls, water damage, cracked window panes, broken electrical outlets and banisters loosened.
7/8 2011 Both & Rent: “It feels positive”
Tenants in Tobo are cautiously pleased that the houses should get a new owner, Fagerhyltan. However, they were unaware that even the new also had connections to Stendahl, as well as former Master Bob Collection and Toboholm.
2/8 2011 Both & Rent: New owner of Toboholm
All we found out suggests that this is a serious and reliable owners who own multiple properties today, says the lawyer and bankruptcy trustee Bertil Wingqvist.
1/4 2011 Both & Rent: Toboholm and competition
It feels great so far. We have got rid of the previous owner and the manager which are not catered houses.
11/1 2011 Both & Rent: The special administration in Tobo
Accommodation at Skolgatan tells how the representative of the values ​​broken into the storeroom, replacing exterior doors to doors without locks and put the tile on top of old uneven rugs. They have been without hot water for five weeks and without cable television since October.
22/9 Both & Rent: Tenants in Tobo, no snow removal
allla Hem & Rented articles about Stendahls properties in Tobo

Njutånger, Hälsingland:
30/1 2013 Full Hälsingland: Horror Picture of barracks
7/12 2012 Full Hälsingland: Asylum seekers moving into the Njutånger farm
9/11 2012 Full Hälsingland: New owner of Njutånger farm
8/3 2012 Full Hälsingland: The company Karl Crown bankrupt
20/2 2012 Full Hälsingland: Tricksters requires payment
5/5 2011 Full Hälsingland: Migration Board can hire Njutånger farm
“We will make sure all paperwork is in order and not to Johan Stendahl has something to do with it. We take lessons from what happened…“.
6/4 2011 Full Hälsingland: Secret report states flaws
The Migration Board did not check the background information and ownership well. The internal control report strikes a self-critical fixed to the Swedish Migration Board has failed in its inspections of the company Karl Crown responsible for asylum accommodation.

15/3 2011 Full Hälsingland: False information on invoices for asylum accommodation
The company behind Njutånger farm, Karl Crown, may have committed both to tax evasion, VAT fraud and false statements on the invoices to the Migration Board. Meanwhile, the Swedish Migration Board criticized for not checked now better. The Swedish Migration Board has paid closer 2,3 million to Karl Crown. Money that the company has neither overestimated for carrying or VAT.
15/3 2011 Full Hälsingland: The Swedish Migration Board is criticized for lack of control
8/3 2011 Full Hälsingland: Million Debt for Njutånger farm bankruptcy
Johan Stendahl of the blame on 5,6 million: “We have been subjected to a elstöld…”, “tax liability are clean comfortable taxation. The tax account is actually zero…”.
8/3 2011 Full Hälsingland: Employees can go on skattesmäll
“Karl krona CEO Pia Karlsson: – It is very strange that Karl Crown is not registered as an employer, and employer contributions or taxes have not been paid. She thinks it's all a misunderstanding.”
13/1 2011 Full Hälsingland: Njutångersgården and competition
19/1 2011 Full Hälsingland: Migration Board expects criticism
National Audit Office reviews the Immigration Service for asylum accommodation of Njutånger farm.
7/12 2010 Full Hälsingland: Njutånger farm filed for bankruptcy
7/12 2010 Full Hälsingland: Migration Board terminates the contract
Njutånger farm hotels and hostels AB had large debts when the Migration Board examined landlord. Lagerbolaget Karlskronan AB (corresponding Aros Energy declarations today) activated, and showed no negative numbers, which meant that the contract could be signed.
Migration Board should self-critically go through their routines: “It has not been possible to find out what is morally and ethically correct”.
23/10 2010 Full Hälsingland: “We do not sign agreements with bandits”
The Swedish Migration Board has signed an agreement with the Crown, Karl Johan Stendahl the Board.
– You could say that we do not want to sign contracts with the bandits because it is taxpayers' money we are using, says Claes Fritsch at the Migration Board.
– But it's the same board. And you know that Johan Stendahl is involved in the business?
– We have no agreement with Johan Stendahl, but with Charles Crown. And where there are no red numbers or remarks. I can only go on the facts. Johan Stendahl not occur there and then I can not make the judgment that this is something mysterious. I can only go on the paper available.
22/10 2010 Full Hälsingland: A quarter of a million in rent
When the Migration Board examined vacancies to provide asylum seekers shelter turned Johan Stendahl to the Migration Board as the representative of Toboholms properties AB. But when suitability as a landlord would be controlled so came to a stop.
– Immediately we said that it is not, As a public authority, we can not sign agreements with them, says Claes Fritsch, authority procurement- and manage the supply of premises.
– Shortly thereafter contacted Johan Stendahl us and let us know that he had the intention to ensure that he even would not be involved in the contract. Now we have signed an agreement with another company, Karlskronan AB, and where is he not with, says Claes Fritsch.
Said and done. It's Karl Crown that each month will receive a quarter of a million kronor from the Swedish Migration Board in rent for the facility in Njutånger. A facility that another company is legally qualified owner, and a company run by the same people who are behind the company Immigration Service would not sign an agreement with.


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