Aros Energy declarations under fire in more locations

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21/10 Both & Rent: Many questions about Aros Energy certification

Home and rent.Aros Energy certification AB makes itself known even in the days in more parts of Sweden.
Last week reported Tenants Association Journal Home & Rent to Aros Energy declarations with Chairman Michael Sterner continues to buy up Johan Stendahl previous properties. This time in Tobo outside Uppsala.

Newspaper Home & Rent has over the years followed the properties mishandled in Tobo and appointed Johan Stendahl one of Sweden's worst landlords. Stendahl has filed a lawsuit against Tenants. In case he is represented by the very lawyer Michael Sterner as his legal adviser.

As in Holm has neither the buyer or seller informed their tenants in Tobo about what's going on. What Aros Energy certification AB also seems to have been withheld, even where they have been given the award decision to the Migration Board asylum lodging.

The seller buys the properties of self despite “poor profitability”
The seller of the property concerned in Tobo is Fagerhyltan with CEO:n Marcus Hamberg. In other words, the same owner as 2011 bought Pensioner Home and Teacher's Housing Holm after Stendahls bankruptcy. Both & Rent reveals even links between Fagerhyltan AB and Johan Stendahl. Marcus Hamberg comment on the sale due to poor profitability. “I've left it there. I can only wish the new owner good luck”, he continues.

What Marcus Hamberg perhaps not thinking when he said “left it there” and “wished the new owner luck” is that it is actually he himself who becomes the new owner also. Since the newly namely Fagerhyltan recently become majority owner of Aros Energy certification AB. Thus, he sold the company in principle to itself. The difference is that there is “Aros Energy certification AB” on application to the Swedish Migration Board and to also partner Michael Sterner (both linked to Johan Stendahl) represented in the new company.

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