Marcus Hamberg denies any involvement in Aros Energy declarations

(20/11: “Fagerhyltan was certain owners in Aros Energy declarations.”
It was revealed then SVT Missions Review Marcus Hamberg lied and some were involved and t.o.m. majority owner of Aros Energy declarations.
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Marcus Hamberg want through telephone contact with HBU announce a factual error on Hamberg denies all her and Fagerhyltans involvement in Aros Energy declarations and Immigration Service asylum accommodation.

Marcus Hamberg is CEO of Fagerhyltan AB. The company that purchased the Senior Home and Teacher's Housing Holm 2011 by Johan Stendahls bankruptcy.

Marcus Hamberg has recently been an issue in newspaper Both & Rent in Uppsala. He recently sold their properties in Tobo to Aros Energy declarations planning most asylum accommodations in Sweden including resorts Holm Tobo.

From Home & Rented article was published subsequently on to Marcus Hamberg with the company Fagerhyltan along with lawyer Michael Sterner was the owner of Aros Energy declarations in the post “Aros Energy declarations under fire in more locations“.

Marcus Hamberg would therefore clarify that he or Fagerhyltan do not own any part of Aros Energy certification AB or is involved in some way in the future asylum accommodation in Holm.

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