Split Pot at Holm Vallen today

After that the sky öpnnat and out and emptied an ammunition store of hail was time for tonight's home game at Holm Vallen. It became a point but a real step forward, it became the hindsight of today's football game between Holm and Ljustorp. The home team that recently groped for form showed from the start that today would sell themselves dearly. Led by the dashing innermittfält are, Petter Olsson and Rickard Severin, set to maximum speed and dominated the game overall. But to get the ball into the net as usual was difficult… Read the full match report of proceedings at holmssk.se /alaget.

Man Of The Match *: Rikard Severin (acquisitions from Kovland). Scorer: Rasmus Staaf.
* Always appointed by the audience. Today respresenterad Erik Olsson.

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