Order “Restaurangchansen” Now support Holm associations!

Order Restaurant chances here and you get great discounts at restaurants and shops in Sundsvall area. At the same time you are supporting Holm associations!

Restaurant Chances are a well-known and popular discount booklet full of discounts at restaurants with such. “eat 2 – pay for 1”. In addition, there are now lots of% rebates and deals in stores, on car washes, etc. in the Sundsvall area. You save directly back the cost of 220 per booklet in just such. a car wash and a lunch in town.

HSK.HBU.revenues (110 SEK / Booklet) then shared directly between Holm Appliance Development and Holms Sportklubb. Compounds which are both struggling Holm district, but unfortunately with sparingly capital.


  • ALT. 1: Fill in your details in the form below and bEtAla 220kr / booklet to PlusGiro 197 34 26-8 or Swisha money to 0730-332944.
    OBS! Print “First and last name” payment message, so that we know the sender. We deliver to you by mail or other appropriate means, depending on where you live. Each book begins sent / handed out fr.o.m. Friday 5/9.
  • ALT. 2: SMS’a/ring 0730-332944 if you want to buy in cash in Sundsvall electricity. Holm.
  • Tell other managers or order and sell to your colleagues, Friends and familiars.
* = (mandatory)
Restaurangchansen 2014!Order Restaurant chance of us!.
Thank you for your support
Holm Appliance Development
and Holm Sportklubb!

If you have questions or concerns? Please contact us.

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