200 asylum seekers to “Stendahls Skandalhus”?

Scandal houses in Holm.
Real interested in the third attempt to get approved by the authorities to accommodate asylum seekers “Stendahls Skandalhus”.

Recently announced the Migration Board new offer of temporary asylum accommodation. Among the so-called. “Skandalhusen” i Holm. The house punctuated by constant changes of ownership, but despite the continuous with the blacklisted landlord Johan Stendahl in the background. In one of the bids is Håkan Larssons Bilkonsult AB, Örebro, with accommodation for 200 people in Holm, Anund Farm.

The Migration Board's latest procurement 2013 was the company Aros Energy declarations from Västerås who had sought bids for asylum accommodation in Holm. Behind Aros Energy declarations (who owns the "Teacher's Housing") stands Bengt Staaf (who is also the owner of "Senior home") and Johan Stendahls attorney Michael Sterner. That once again is precisely the same properties in Holm who are current makes it easy to believe that the same people behind the "bet" this time.

What is perhaps less known is that it also submitted another bid for asylum accommodations in the same real estate 2012. Then it was now Fagerhyltan from Stockholm, during Marcus Hambergs leadership was on the paper. Marcus Hamberg also owned the majority of Aros Energy declarations, which he denied. If he does still unclear.

In the new tender, it is a car dealer from Örebro who have had the idea to open asylum accommodation of the same properties that were present before. Behind the company stands Håkan Larsson. On Friday, 15 May called Swedish Radio up Håkan Larsson to ask some questions about his asylum accommodation. Håkan Larsson says to Swedish Radio "to have worked pretty hard to make them here dwellings better and that you will do even more, but to have a caretaker on site and to also work with building etc. ". I Anundgård was, however, no accommodation speaking to someone caretakers. Håkan Larsson does not want to set up an interview on the radio.

Last time the renovations and prepared assessments of the Åslins yellow villa, Senior Home and teacher residences that were left foreign workers in Holm. The entire renovation was halted in December 2013 when an inspection revealed deficiencies in fire protection and Immigration Service began investigating ownership. In the middle of winter was the foreign construction workers to their fate, without pay for the work they performed. They had no access to transportation, which meant they had no way to get to the nearest grocery store to buy food. Some of them stood in the biting wind and tried to fish in Holmsjön, which had not yet frozen. From the union directed much fierce criticism of the Swedish Migration Board, which is ultimately responsible in the case. Jim Sundelin, Chairman of the Building, put it mildly, "It is strange that the government agencies are involved in activities that are a little gray".

Listen to the radio clip here.on Friday morning 15 May did P4 Västernorrland an interview with HBU on the planned asylum accommodation. Listen to the clip here.
The news “Asylum Accommodation Anundgård get 200 temporary places” of SR.se..

Listen to the radio clip here.During the same day as did the Swedish Radio visiting Holm and did an interview with the only tenant who still live in Johan Stendahls old skandalhus. Listen to the clip here:

Read the report in ST and SVT's news; “Scandal houses on the news again”.

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