New owner Håkan Larsson lied on television about Johan Stendahl

See details about the scandal houses again and about the connections to islander Johans Stendahl.

Follow-up of SVT on the scandal houses in Holm the week that went by. The new owner Håkan Larsson, who runs the company Bilforum in Örebro, clearly showed that he lied about Johan Stendahl. First, know Håkan Larsson was not at all Stendahl, then admit that it actually reached the 30 years ago. In fact, they met just the other day in connection with the visit by scandal houses in Holm. Listen to the interview below to hear how Håkan Larsson tells his truth for SVT.

Lars Håkan Andersson do not even know that the former owner Aros Energy declaration with links to Johan Stendahl right now conducts repairs in his own real estate.

Migration Board reflects the peculiarity of the owner of a company does not know what is happening around their company and their properties. Håkan Larsson back shows that he would act in some sort of keeper or decoy in context. Even so, it turns out the purchase contract that Johan Stendahl was with and tweaked the actual purchase of the properties when Håkan Larsson took over them.

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Listen to the interview with Håkan Larsson in which he denies that he knows Stendahl.

Migration Board commented revelations and think it's strange that Håkan Larsson denies knowledge of the tender that he himself submitted.
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