Dialogmöte i Holm om nya landsbygdsprogrammet 29/10

Sundsvall Municipality invites the 29 October at 18:30 villagers to the parish house of the dialogue on the new Rural Development Program. Then representatives from kommunpoliker and officials. For the calls are treated to also provide refreshments.


Sundsvall municipality develop a new rural development program - a comprehensive strategy and action plan for rural areas. The program shall include pinpoint service centers for the municipality, what issues and actions to be prioritized and how the municipal committees and companies to work with them.

The Rural Development Program is developed in dialogue with residents, and compounds employed in rural. During the fall 2015 offers Sundsvall Municipality therefore enter into open dialogue meetings to the public in various parts of the municipality. The aim is to gather ideas and input to the work. The meeting involved politicians and officials involved in the production.

No registration is required and we will provide refreshments!

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