Extraordinary Meeting of Holm Fiber

Bo Lindroos, Keith Sahlin, Roland Hultman, Lars-Erik Persson, Ulf Wikholm and Stefan Edin at an extraordinary board meeting in Gimåfors.

The other day met Holm Fibers board at an extraordinary meeting. To the members' delight, it can be said that the Administrative Board after all the bureaucratic delays now finally work with Holm Fibers application. Since the new rules are to come in the years wish County Board additions to the information which was why the meeting.

This time, gathered the district bredbandseldsjälar over a cup of coffee with wheat length of the project house at Gimåfors Bygdegård. The next time the board placed at the other end of Holmsjön, of “Hultman Rakan”. Work with fiber broadband to Holm connects the villages, both figuratively and literally around Holmsjön.

There is an extensive volunteer effort made to read the sections in the application rules, find project, calculate budget and collect membership fees M.M.. Overall, it's just over 180 members of the compound, both permanent and home owners.

The situation today is that Bynet stands for the design of the fiber drawing, while tenders are available for selection operator and the operator of the network. It also remains to choose the builder. Everything's stick, but only after the Administrative Board and the Board finally approved the application and granted financial support. It is hoped that the approved soon after Holm fiber supplemented with requested information, so that the practical work can begin in the spring / summer.

– If you have not paid the annual fee for 2016 (and some even 2015), doing so CROSSING!
Pay the annual fee 100:- till BG 500-0229, write property designation and names.
– Have you as a member changed email, telephone number or address? Refresh this.
– For those of you who have not yet notified the property's Holm Fiber is the time to do it now, to get a cheaper subscription fee before the starting gun goes. Learn more and register here.

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