Master chef from Holm and Liden school in White Guide-final

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Published by cheer Sundsvall the 12 september 2016

Holm's own master chef Glenn Widén (t.v. in the picture) Go to Malmö White Senders guide Junior Gala. Liden school restaurant has namely been nominated for this year's best!
All may not remember school food as the most culinary taste trip each day. Perhaps you are following Lidens scholastic on facebook has, however, learned that there is another reality in which today. Students from Holm, Indal and Liden going to Liden school has recently had the pleasure to look forward to lunch every day. On page you can see one celebration meal after another flashy laid out with ingredients cooked in your own kitchen. Defying a frugal matkassa, it will be with great knowledge of luxury and good anyway. Much is due to just the new chef Glenn Widén, like last year, the family moved to Holm and now works in the school cafeteria as a cook. Nowadays, also called master chef! Together with his staff, Glenn year namely taken Liden to familiar White Guide Juniors Contest nominations Year School Restaurant 2016. Just to wish Glenn and Liden School of luck in the competition!

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