info Landsbygdsriksdag 2018: Discuss Rural Affairs at the parish house 23/11 at 19

All of Sweden shall live organizes meeting in Holm 23 november.

The 23/11 compounds and is generally in Holm-Indalsälven-Liden invited to discuss Rural Affairs. It is the organization All of Sweden shall live (HSSL) holding the meeting and even politicians are invited. The meeting is part of preparations for the so-called Rural Parliament to be held in Västernorrland 2018 and when it is given the villages around there the opportunity to prove themselves in local activities. To all of us to be with, offers HSSL Västernorrland, Sundsvall Municipality local committees now in first meeting.

Time and place: Wednesday 23/11 at. 19-21, The parish house in Holm.pdf
Poster: If you want to print the invitation or put up a poster download here .

Welcome to a rewarding evening, We offer refreshments!
HSSL Västternorrland & Sundsvall Municipality local committees

Notification (for the sake fikats) last 21/11. Select the number and press book. Clear! (Source.)
It is also possible to e-mail Christina Antonsen at or sms'a / call 0730-33 29 44 (Niklas / HBU).

Obs! It is wrong date above notification. The correct date is 23/11.

.Meeting on Rural Affairs.
All of Sweden shall live (HSSL) is a national organization representing approximately 5 000 local development groups around the country. HSSL is also available in the county- and municipal. Read more.
Country Reichstag is one of the largest venues for local development and rural issues and has been organized every two years since the mid-1990s by the All Sweden shall live. Read more here.

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