Once home to the Mountain Gear

In the vignette “housing Pulse” did Sundsvall Tidning last week a visit to Mount Drive. It is Andreas Sahlin and his partner Elin Hellstrom (Ostersund) which recently bought the full house and moved into the neighboring farm with Andrew's parents. On Sunday, they even adorn the front of the paper version of the magazine!

A spacious patio upstairs is finished for the summer. Photo: Viktor Sjödin, ST.nu

I Reporter (“plus”-items) we can read on the move, the house and the couple's ongoing total refurbishment. The house had been empty for ten years offered some surprises… In the attic found an old bucket of dynamite! It took the safe way and let the police bomb team to take care of discovery. The couple themselves also offer them a few surprises – in September, is expected to increase as a kid! Congratulations!!

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