Österströms Baker Cabin Association held the annual meeting

Österströms Bags Holiday Compound (OBF) has held annual meeting 27/1 -19 and let this inform the gist of meetand.
The usual annual meeting negotiations, as well as some additional items were on the agenda.

It was informed “neighboring co-operative project” having started gm OBF. Ulf Andersson / Roland Hultman informed. Thinking about this is to police, home. municipality will to Holm in May for information about “neighborhood”.

ODD intends to organize family day 30/3 containing jigging / query loop adjacent Ottrarna, We will get back with info.

The estimated arrangement “bakluckeloppisen” arranged by OBF In June last year is supposed to return even 2019. Return with info.

Board for the coming financial year were clobbered as follows:
Chairman Roland Hultman 1 year
Members Ulf Andersson, Charina Hultman, Birgitta Selander, Gunilla Höglin
Deputies Malin Backman, Jan Strömberg
Auditor Lars Erik Persson
Inspection / rental responsible for the bakehouse was Charina Hultman Birgitta Selander.
The Board of Directors announced a proposal for the revision of statutes adopted by meeting. Exterior More detailed a membership meeting will be held to vindicating the nyreviderade Statutes, This membership meeting is set to be held 25/3-19 at. 18:30, this meeting is mandatory notification of participation at the latest 17/3-19 to Chair. Roland Hultman via phone / sms 070 – 222 197, it will be advertised on this info site again later 9/3 -19 if the membership meeting where the only point
the case of the adoption of the Revised Statutes of OBF.

If you have concerns / questions about OBF, you are welcome to contact he to someone on the board. We from the Board wish you all a very fine early spring.

/Roland Hultman

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