training “reinforced fellows”

On Thursday, it's time for another vital training Holms called “enhanced people”. It is a good opportunity to rehearse their knowledge of our rural Perhaps the most important “save resources” – all the volunteers in the community who alerted via SMS in the event of cardiac arrest, road accident, fire and drowning.

Listen to the rescue lecture, practicing cardiopulmonary resuscitation, see our local emergency equipment that we have here in Holm M. M.

Are you interested in helping people in need in your area and become a fellow human being reinforced in Holm. Then you are also welcome on Thursday! If so, write your information This form, and came on education.

When: Thursday 13/2 at. 18:00
Where: Församlingshemmet Anundgård

Learn more about Enhanced neighbor and repeat your knowledge
CPR or see what you can do if someone goes down in a hole in the ice M.M.. of .

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