Long distance skates are available to rent in Holm

Now there are long-distance skates to rent in Holm and the opportunity to own try the nature experience! Most nice pictures and videos have been circulating in the winter from Holmsjön with long-distance boaters out on the ice and interest has grown ever larger with the mild winter as the ice often lay bare.

Carpenter in glides smoothly and silently across Holmsjön at sunset.

Unfortunately there are many who do not have long-distance skates or who have their own and want to be able to bring friends and acquaintances to the nature experience, but from now on there are agile ones to rent locally in Holm (old. in Sundsvall). You easily clamp them under your shoes or boots. Then just go!

Members of Holmbygdens Development (HBU) also has 20% on rent.

Långfärdsskridskor (Lundhags) for rent.


Prizes and films on how the skates work underneath: Tourism / Leisure and Long Skates.

Current temperature in Holm:
See how the night's temperature has been and forecast here on the weather side.

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