BUN decision today: “Anundsvägen Farm Preschool” can be opened!

SVT Västernorrland reports on the municipality's announcement to open the preschool in Holm.
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Today Barn decided- and the Board of Education (BUN) att öppna Anundgårds Förskola. Chairman of the committee Lisa Tynnemark (s) already called last week to Holmbygdens Utveckling (HBU) and told that at their meeting they were going to decide to reopen the preschool in Holm again. It really was one long-awaited message for the association, the countryside and all families in Holm, who fought and pointed out the need for two years. At first it was a comfortless struggle without even getting an answer from Children- and the education administration, who was responsible for the question of possible opening.

This was followed by a continued struggle by the villagers, with parents who pointed out the need, a political opposition from the Moderates who visited the preschool and questioned in the board several times how the handling was handled. Even one JO notification was filed against Children- and the education administration and operations manager Mikael Nilsson Ryttlinger who was responsible for the issue, but who stuck his head in the sand and refused to respond to the villagers' letters. Still today soon 2 years later, the administration has not responded to the letters they received. The JO report resulted in a reminder from the Ombudsman for how they handled the proceedings.

In the end, governing politicians in the committee offered themselves from the Majority (s, c, v) in Sundsvall municipality to go up and listen to us in Holm. The Holmbygdens Utveckling association received the politicians and highlighted how we looked at the preschool issue from different perspectives and it was a rewarding dialogue with Lisa Tynnemark (s) and the other visitors.

This winter, the board then gave the administration the task of investigating the consequences “for real”, not in a hurry as they previously did in a so-called “rapid investigation“. In that rapid investigation, irrelevant facts were mainly taken up from surrounding areas and it did not even touch on how the question affected the children in Holm., parents or the countryside as a whole. In a job description with the administration's new investigation Prior to the committee's meeting, however, the conditions have now been described as possible to open Anundgård's preschool again.! Thus, the track was raked for ruling politicians to get communicate the positive message for Holm.

So finally, today it 27 April, the decision was made in the committee to open Anundgård's preschool again. Unless parents choose to place their child there. In the autumn, the preschool can reopen is the plan.

Elin Sahlin, parent of small children in Drevberget.

There is now hope for a continued influx of families with children to the area and that the preschool will be able to be filled with children as soon as possible.
- I think most people want a preschool closer than they have today, so I hope many are willing to relocate their children, says Elin Sahlin, one of the parents of small children in Holm to Sundsvall's Newspaper.
- It builds a hope around the whole village. It will hopefully benefit the influx of families with children. It will be both a community service and an employer, also says Niklas Wikholm, chairman of Holmbygdens Utveckling, in an interview with ST.

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