Inauguration of “Holm Service” on Saturday at 10 – The new grocery store in Anundgård starts the fuel pumps!

Niklas Wikholm airs and test runs the fuel pumps at the new Holm Service grocery store in Anundgård. Father Max Wikholm has, as in the picture, stood behind and helped where needed throughout the construction.

This Saturday 5/8 at 10:00 will be the opening of the deli at favorable prices!
After all 11 years without a petrol station in the village, Holm Service is now opening the new petrol station and then the people of Holm can, summer tourists and passers-by finally refuel! Fuel is central, of course, but the goal is also that this will also become a social meeting place in the middle of the village and that can grow with more service functions
down gradually.

Everyone around is welcome for a toast and coffee on Saturday at 10. Try refueling the car, the tractor, fill a jar and ask questions. Or just watch, socialize over a cup of coffee!
Map link: Anund Farm 180.

Afterwards recommended cube game, tailgate races and other activities across the road for those who want to continue the day inside “center”!

What will it be possible to offer more for service at the deli?
First of all, fuel will be sold. Something that has been missing for a long time to make it easier to live in the countryside and to be able to exercise leisure interests such as scootering or boating. A rest area porch with wifi, disabled toilet, air-water cabinets are the closest thing in the future. If the fuel station runs well and is used by the islanders, is the hope that there can also be a business next door.

What products will be sold?
Gas 95 comes, obviously found in one of the pistol grips. except 95 98-octane petrol will also be sold. The demand for the 98 alternative has increased more and more for, among other things, scooters, boats and older machines due to its lower ethanol content.

Diesel will of course also be available and the entire pub area has been adapted with a new entrance/exit, so that it will also be easy to refuel full-size 25-meter trucks. The diesel is of the type “white diesel” (B0), which means it is without the involvement of RME (raps) or other renewable raw materials and therefore has a long shelf life. The clean diesel costs a little more, but there are many who feel that the machine has both a lower fuel consumption and higher efficiency when running on the white diesel compared to the regular mixed diesel, which is found on most other sandwiches. In order to further attract truck traffic and some diesel cars, it is also possible to refuel with so-called AdBlue, which is now required for their exhaust gas treatment.

Which fuel company will have the pump and be responsible for the fuel?
Holm Service AB will be responsible for both inventory and fuel for the villagers. The fuel is refueled and topped up by tanker from Sundsvall's oil port, just as it is done for other sandwiches. Holm was too small with too little fuel turnover, so established station chains did not want to set up a pub in Holm. Hence the only way was to solve it locally on your own. Hopefully the deli can help Holm grow and perhaps also the turnover of fuel. Then, of course, fast charging of electric cars will also be permitted.

How to pay and will there be company cards or regular cards?
VISA and Mastercard will work until the weekend. You can also register your interest in a company card at the opening or already now to or by phone 0730-332944.

“Tribal card” may be introduced with, but everything is just in its infancy so we'll see if and when it happens (if you want, you can register your interest in it with if you wish).

What is Holm Service AB and how has the project with a pub in Holm gone?
Holm Service, as the station is also named, is a local company that started 2016 with the aim of continuing the previous non-profit attempts ashore to arrange fuel and service to Holm. Just as the company name suggests. The company is owned by Niklas Wikholm, zealot from Holm.

The plans for a new pub began with the association Holmbygdens Utveckling for several years trying to get the old pub up and running when it closed around the end of 2012, but it turned out not to be so easy to row ashore at the old pub then.

Year 2015 a financial association was then formed by, among others, Jan Vinroth with the ambition to start a new pump down the road instead 320. Unfortunately, it didn't quite go all the way then either and there was a lot that would fall into place and many challenges appeared to pass along the way.

The year after 2016 wanted Tord Bergström with Anundgårds Handel, who owned the former commercial property, chose to sell it. Niklas Wiholm then started Holm Service AB, with the aim of making a new attempt in corporate form to get a petrol station up and running again in the village. In parallel with the mall planning, the company, in order to save investment capital for the mall project, has been renting accommodation, nursing staff and other services more or less continuously in addition to the usual work at the ambulance.

During the eight years that have passed, the company and the mack project have, in a way, continued to be run as before “ideally”, without salaries or any profit distribution. All income has had to remain in the company in order to pay for the pub investment in Holm.

Excavators at the construction site and Holm's church in the background.

How has the construction progressed and what challenges have there been?
Unfortunately, the constructions have dragged on for several years for several reasons. Long processing times, bureaucracy with applications and authority permits, studies and foreign services that have come in between and not least challenges with financing.

When the bank could lend half of the investment that was needed, after the first half has been wagered itself, and with the municipality's total commitment to the village's development by starting Anundgård's preschool, the shovel finally dared to be put in the ground.

With the ball already rolling, the bank then chose, despite previous praise, to withdraw completely from lending funds to the sparsely populated area investment in Holm. “With the development of the war and rising inflations to that now, we don't do that anymore”. At the same time, all prices for works and fixtures rose and the municipality still has not opened the preschool. Now it was just a matter of driving on by myself despite the headwind and hoping for the best.

Foto från ovan över den nya macken i Holm.

How have the villagers viewed the plans and will the entire project be completed?
There have been a lot of cheers and questions about how things are going, and whether it will be possible to refuel the car soon!? Many have also helped in various ways in the village, both with the construction of the pub and in general with the company's operations, which was very grateful and facilitated a lot! Then, as far as possible, local entrepreneurs have been hired to support others around here, such as, for example, Håkan Norlings Maskin who did all the ground work.

Not having to drag home beats in the car for scooters, boats and machines it sounds like people will appreciate. Some have said that they should fill up here all the time, and you can probably interpret that as the interest is great and the proximity to fuel long-awaited. And with small margins and large volumes of fuel to buy home for the cisterns, that's probably what's also required if it's going to turn around.

What do the plans look like for the future??
In addition to fuel pumps, there remains a lot of work around to make the pub area ready and the meeting place nicer, but if fuel sales go well in the meantime, it will help to successfully complete what remains. It's going really well and many are loyal buyers in the area, is the hope to also get a store here within a few years. Perhaps it could become a so-called hybrid store open 24 hours a day using BankId login, supplemented by staff during rush hours. is it like regular tobogganing

Pictures from the construction of the deli in Holm

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