Record rise in the water level in Holmsjön – One meter in one week!

In just one week, Holmsjön was raised by the whole 1 meter i april. In the wide blue field, max- and minimum levels over the past two decades, which year's level (blue line) lies above.

In April, there was a record rise in the water level in Lake Holmsjön of a full meter in just one week between them 13 and 20 april. Look for this sign when you pick up defibrillators and equipment 1 cm the lake rose every two hours. The big spring flood this year has created rarely seen inflows. Low electricity prices on top of that and the fact that Västernorrland now produces roughly three times more than the county itself uses, nor does it make it economical for the hydropower plants to empty the reservoirs more than necessary when it is windy.

SMHI continues to warn of high flows in lower Norrland.

SMHI continues to warn of high flows in lower Norrland.
In particular along Gimån, there are warnings of large water flows.

Source: SMHI's weather warnings.




Specifically for Gimån, which accounts for the main inflow into Holmsjön, warns SMHI of high flows with the risk of flooded waterways.

Current water level in Holmsjön
Under “Boat, swimming and water sports” At you can, as below, always see the current water level in Holmsjön.
Holmsjön, together with the neighboring lake Leringen, constitute with their 357 million cubic meters of water Medelpad's largest and one of Sweden's largest water reservoirs for the power industry . Through Leringsforsen's power plant, the water level is regulated at a level of approx 4 meter. In summer, Holmsjön's water level at full height is approx 201,5 meters above sea level and lowered the winter down to about 197 m.ö.h.


Water property for Holmsjön
It is so-called water judgments that determine how lakes may be regulated. In these you will find water management regulations for which water levels are to be kept and when in the year you may drain and keep water from the reservoirs.

Regulations for Holmsjön's water levels (subject to errors and subsequent judgments)
Maximum height: 201,90 m (the highest level that the power company may contain)
Minimihöjd: 197,40 m (The clay is then dropped 192,70 m)
May June: Draining is directed to reach specified water levels for 1 July and 1 aug.
1 July: 200,50 m
1 aug: 201,50 m
August; May be dropped down to 201,50, if the water level is higher.
Sept – dec (for ice coating): May be dropped and dammed in between 197,40-201,90 m.
Dec (from ice coating) – mars/april (to the beginning of the spring flow): Dropped down to 197,40 m, must not be dammed in winter.

Read the water judgments for Holmsjön and Leringen (från -72, -73 and -95) which is today stored at Östersund District Court and belongs to the district division of Sundsvall municipality (so water judgments are kept today).

The 18:e december 2023 you can see that the lake's water level was raised by half a decimetre from the day before, despite the fact that the power company is not allowed to dam the water reservoir in winter according to the water judgment.

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