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Fishermen on the shores of Holmsjön.
Drawing of chairman. Max Wikholm.


On Thursday 19 May at 19:00 holds Holm's FVO annual meeting at Församlingshemmet.
Welcome to hear about the past year and hear more about how the association works to take care of our popular fishing waters in Holm. Take part in annual meeting documents and see what is going on in Holm's fisheries conservation area.

Read more about Holms waters.

7/5 in Gimåfors: in Gimåfors!

Join archaeologist David Loeffler on a lecture and guided tour in the field. We start with a short lecture in Bygdegården, to then continue out in the field at Fagervikssjön. We will visit settlements, catch pits and other things of historical interest. David is a senior lecturer at Umeå University. His cultural work in the field and writing has been going on ever since 1976 and mainly affected cultural relics in Norrland. This is not his first visit to Gimåfors. "Gimåfors and the surrounding area is of great importance to me both emotionally and professionally as it is a piece of Norrland in miniature."

Saturday 7 May 2022 at 10:00 – ca 15:00
Collection Gimåfors bygdegård
150 kr, lunch and coffee included
Registration to Rut-Marie Holmvall
072-2169059 / rut-marie@hotmail.se
OBS, limited number of seats.

Do not forget to bring boots and clothes for the weather.