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13 thoughts on “Guestbook

  1. 20200714 Thank you for a nice and informative website.
    Fun with the northern lights information.
    /Mats D

  2. As born Holmbo accommodation Östbyn until school started, I feel hot for Holm. Still have friends and acquaintances in the village and it feels like home when I get there. Greetings from Gun.

  3. Hi. Holmbygden. Just want to emphasize that Midsummer Meet will not happen this year. Sadly might seem yes. But when those who should be driving something with smear, And even lie about things, Ord.vakter Bet, moods, etc.. Then let us rather Midsummer Meet attend Graven..Rockabilly Rebels .
    Have never intended to trick / blow any .Därmed we thank for us and hope you can get something else in this district that might work better than what we were trying to
    Kind o Honest Greetings
    Hans-Erik Nordin
    We also thank them for 2 Seasons that were .

    • Hej alla Rockabilly Rebels,

      It was from our association very boring (!) to hear about it in is somewhat Midsummer Meet in Holm. Sad to hear your story. Otherwise, it was a very appreciated iniative with the arrangement and fun with all visitors to the countryside.

      Thanks for all the work you put down!
      Holm Appliance Development

  4. Congratulations on a fine website!
    Now you must also advertise the URL for example by signs at all entry points to the Holm district.
    /Karl Lund Weather

    • Thank you very much!
      Yes the tank has hit us with. So far, however, no kind of thing made – a job, although it is to be done by someone… We are happy until all that helps to promote us, because so far it is spread only through locally and via the internet in general.
      Thanks for the proposal!
      /Niklas Wikholm, Webmaster

  5. It was great fun to get an email in from Ulla Lindeberg about the new Internet site from Holm district. Latest news on writing stems for me otherwise from The pastor Carl-Heinrich Smuzzler (excuse the spelling) when he fastidiously launched the letters with the facile prices “Nix Pix” and “Costa Free”. The leaves were very nice to read about the entire district. Therefore, I look forward to more of such mails here.
    Thanks for a great site that I now joining me to subscribers.
    Peter, dating from Vikholms in Anundgård

  6. Always fun to read about what is happening in my immediate surroundings as a break of just reading about what happens in the more central parts out of the municipality.
    Kudos to you who manages this for us who are interested, hope that YOU get the help needed to perform this.
    Holm district is the best place I've been on during my more than 60 – year life so far and will probably remain so….

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