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Holm settlement's calendar – this happens in and around Holm (Print the calendar)
Calendar items are always shown on the right as home page opens and gives a quick overview of what is closest in time. Below is the calendar in a larger format, you scroll through recent events and print. Have your own digital calendar on your computer or mobile, it is helpful to add Holm district's calendar in this.
This calendar in various formats:

You can even embed the calendar below to your website or blog tool here.

Add an event to your calendar? Have you submitted a new proposal?
Please take in an event or event in Holm district's calendar. A new proposals may take some time to lay out and may need to coexist with other news. To add a calendar entry is a great addition and goes very quickly. Generally it comes up almost instantly.

It's quick and easy to add an entry to the Holm district's calendar.
Enter your information in the field and send.
* = (mandatory)
Completed with a new proposals (new window) for front-page appropriations and more info.

E-mail- and phone list – write up with you!
We have drawn up a list in order to make special mailings with information. Sign up you agree to receive information from meetings and get to know what happens. Read more here.

For those of you who use Facebook – join “Holm”.

A quick and easy way to get information to Holm- join the group “Holm” Facebook. Simply search “Holm” in the box at the top when you log into Facebook, click on the group and join. Direct Link this.
A great way to help us to promote the website and Holm district's use our “Like”- and “Send”-buttons found here and there on the website – t.ex. hereinafter.

Facebook event in Holmgruppen. Feel free to create one for your events.

Using Facebook, you are also welcome to create an event in Holm Group Event Calendar. This will all look holmers on Facebook quickly what you have going on. Click here Holm Group events.

Do your homepage – quick link here (Internet Explorer)
See what's happening in Holm when you start your browser. Along the right side you will always find the current weather and the latest news from ST – Northwest and Holms SK mM.

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We also have an RSS feed for all comments and guestbook entries on the website:

Holm district's calendar above are also available in RSS fomat: / calendar / feeds / Stockholm district @ / public / full

Find RSS reader to Android or Iphone.

What is RSS?
RSS feeds are own writing is a form of a simple brief little news text, with a link to the actual news source if you want to read more. RSS is smooth if for example. To keep updated with several news sources simultaneously or link headlines from other websites, as well as here on along the right side.

In most browsers and mobile phones are now different options to subscribe news in the form of RSS web feeds (“Really Simple Syndication“). You can view RSS feeds as one normal website or use special feed reader with features that alert you when someone when news arrived.

So you can subscribe to news from by entering the address in your RSS reader or browser.