Holms Sportklubb

Holms SK A-lag, 2021.

Holms SK.The compound was formed Holms Sportklubb 1927 and over the years has "fostered" young people in the countryside in activities such as skiing, wrestling, hockey and football. Holm's Sports Club offers a fine sports center with snack bar and timbered avbytarbänkar, two pitches and elljusspår.

Contact details
Holms Sportklubb
Anund Farm 185
855 98 Liden

Membership fee
Up to 19 year 100:-, Adults 150:-, Family 350:-.
BG 5013-1044, Swish 1234711115
Remember to write all names when paying

The board of Holms SK 2023
President: Owe Eliasson, 0706403284, sunnansjo_holm@telia.com
Vice President: Agne Frisk, 0704663958, agne.frisk@gk.se
Treasurer: Lena Weman, 0705217760, lena.weman@gmail.com
Secretary: Kenneth Oberg, 0703077117, kenneth_oberg@hotmail.com
Ulla Grelsson, 0703765169, ulla.grelsson@liberalerna.se
Per Vennerlöf, 0729300341, wennerlov1957@hotmail.com
Bengt Sjödin, 0706384718, bengansjodin@hotmail.com
Linus Frisk, 0727200762, frisklinus00@gmail.com

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Holms SK A-lag, 2012.

2022 started Holms SK youth football by conducting sports activities in Liden in Liden's sports hall and then continued the activities at Holmvallen with football training and football school in the age groups 6 – 12 year, as 25 children and young people participated.

2023 Holms SK continues to conduct football training in Liden's school during the winter and spring. Soccer school and training have been carried out during June, July and August. Training will continue to be carried out in Liden's school during the autumn and winter 2023-2024, Times etc. are announced on Facebook, Holm

Leader: Linus Frisk, who is also a member responsible for youth on the HSK board, and Victoria Sjölund as newly appointed leader

Contact details:
0727200762, frisklinus00@gmail.com
0700512741, victoria.orneholm@live.se

Holms SK - compound in development.Project Health
Holms SK implements a health project with the objective that residents of the area can carry out various exercise activities.

Project group
Christin "Titti" Olsson – 0706300617, tittiolssons@gmail.com
Annette Dahl – 0702949778, anette.dahl@telia.com
Marianne Fors – 0761140707, mariannefors59@icloud.com

We are a newly started group whose aim is to start various activities in the village that are suitable for all ages and all abilities. We are now working on a program for what it might look like in the future. During the summer, we have sneakily started training sessions at Holmvallen under the leadership of Märta-Li Selin, where everyone moves according to their own ability. Even if you don't want to join the training session, you can come to Holmvallen and take part in a walk, sauna or coffee in the clubhouse. Information about activities is communicated on Holmsidan on Facebook, Hembygden.se/Holms SK, placards at the recycling in Anundgård/Sandnäsets camping/Tempo Liden/Gimåfors/Österström etc..

Shortly we will inform about leaders, activity, times etc. for autumn and winter 2023 – 2024. Most of the activities will be at school, in the training room or gym, some activities will also take place outdoors, like skis, walks etc

If you have questions, please contact someone in the project group!