Do you support our efforts to develop our district. Do you perhaps visit and want to keep the website? Be happy member of HBU!
Joining HBU is an obvious way to show that you support HBU's work for Holm. A very cheap investment in the district. The money is used e.g.. to drive site, organize events as Allbergsdagen or materials such as information signs M.M..

It also required a membership by paying members to show up when we apply for grants. The membership must be charged at least 50 SEK to “calculated”. The more members, the more support to our district have thus. Bring the whole family for only 100 kr!

  1. Pay 50kr / person or 100 SEK / family
    – PlusGiro 197 34 26-8 or
    – Swish 070-537 11 22
    (to “Niklas Wikholm” för vidarebefordran till HBU)
    OBS! Write the names of everyone in the family that the payment relates to the message, so that we know the senders. It's fine to write contact information with if there is room.

FrivilligtFyll gärna i era kontaktuppgifter nedan och skicka, so that we will reach is with important information about our village. Contact HBU previously received, you do not send. (Vi gör sällan utskick och bara viktigt information.)

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